Open Letter to Patriots Fans: Boo Benedict Brady

To: New England supporters

Rob Parker

Re: Tom Brady's return

On Sunday night, boo Tom Brady.

It should be loud and long.

NFL America will see you sincerely from their couch at home.


Brady is the enemy. He is the enemy. He bounced back and left Patriots Nation dry.

You are correct. He is not a native child anymore. Hes Benedict Brady. Don't be misled or fooled. Brady owes you nothing

When he won the Super Bowl with his team, you cheered. Brady was not cheated of any parades. Brady has seen enough confetti to last a lifetime.

It is absurd to suggest that Pats fans should show Brady love and affection.

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Brady is not one of you anymore.

It was Brady who won the push, and not the team or community, when it came down to it.

Evidently, Benedict, er Brady, said that Foxborough was a joke.

Brady was not content to be part of an NFL dynasty, which won two Super Bowls in a very short time. Three times in four years, and three more in five years.


That would have been sufficient for most players. It would not be necessary to wear another team's uniform. Brady was drafted in New England by New England. He should have completed his career there. You can blame Bill Belichick or ownership as much as you like.

They were right. They did what was best for the company, not one player.


Brady is the selfish one.

He didn't like being part of a winning organization. He wanted to be the face of the Pats, the reason they won so many championships.


Brady tried to convince people that he was the greatest of all time by creating a false narrative. Because despite his many accomplishments, many people still don't believe that Brady is the greatest quarterback. Brady won more games than any other quarterback in NFL History. However, that doesn't make you the best. Ask Bill Russell, who won 11 championships along with the Celtics.

Russell is rarely mentioned in this convo. It's usually between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Russell was the only one of those men to win as many.


Do not be a fool.

Belichick's outstanding defenses and Adam Vinatieri, the greatest big-kick kicker of all time in NFL history were two reasons why the Pats won those early Super Bowls.


These three Super Bowls were won with incredible luck. The Seahawks failed to run the ball in the end zone at one yard with the best running back in league.

The Falcons then refused to kick a game-sealing goal from the 22-yard line.


The final title was won when Belichicks defense held off the Rams, who scored 32.9 points per week in the regular season and only three points in the sixth. Brady did not have any TDs or a pick in the Super Bowl.

Pats fans, face it.

Brady could easily have walked away from that game, or like John Elway who won back-to-back Super Bowls playing for the Denver Broncos.


There were no more fish left to fry. Elway, a Bronco driver, retired and has been adored ever since.

Brady stole your chance to see your favorite player in that light. That one belongs to you and you alone.


To go to Tampa Bay, Brady decided to turn his back on New England.

He moved to the Red Roof Inn from the Marriott.

He did not feel any loyalty or connection to the fan base.

Benedict Arnold, err, Tom Brady, was supposed to have been Derek Jeter. It would have been as horrible to see Jeter play for the Rays in his final season.


Do not let Brady's Super Bowl wins gloss over the fact that he did what he did. The NFL is like applying makeup to cover up a lot.

Brady's story has always been all about him. Brady doesn't like sharing the spotlight with coaches or anyone else, even those who put up a formidable defense to win championships.


This sounds like a man worth being booed loudly and long.

Dont let us down.

Many thanks!

Rob Parker