Stephen Colbert has some serious beef with the people who make emoji

In case you didn't know, iOS 14.5 has brought a lot of new emoji to the platform. Stephen Colbert shared his thoughts on Thursday's Late Show.
After making a few jokes about the new melting face smiley it became clear that he had other reasons for bringing up the topic. He was inspired by the 2017 "face without one eyebrow raised" Emoji. This is what he shows in the clip below (jump to 10 minutes).

The host stated that people thought the image looked like him. It was dubbed the "Colbert Emoji". "He was so connected with me and this is true that it suggested the eyebrow raised emoticon automatically if you just typed Colbert into your text message. But, now it doesn't. "What the hell, emoji folks?

Colbert still has a way to resolve the problem. He calls it a "demand".

This is a phrase he has used repeatedly, and the similarity is striking (jump up to 11:50).

Your move, emoji creators.

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