Bryson DeChambeau advances to final group at long drive world championships

Bryson de Chambeau wins his first set with a drive of 358 yards. He finishes tied for fourth overall, reaching the final day of the PDLA Long Drive Championship. (1:10)
After finishing fourth in the third round, Bryson de Chambeau will now be in the final round at the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship in Mesquite (Nevada).

The field was reduced to 64 on Tuesday. The field was reduced to 32 by Wednesday. On Friday, the top 16 will be competing for the title. DeChambeau's section starts at 6:45 p.m. ET.

DeChambeau was second in his group's overall rankings on Tuesday and Wednesday, and tied for fourth on Thursday.

DeChambeau stated, "The first few days were me just excited to compete." "I was very nervous. "The second day was very nerve-wracking. Today, however, I am surrounded by these guys and it is not easy. You are up against the best in the country. You can see clearly in the last set that these guys are 20 yards ahead of me in this wind.

Heading For The Finals Bryson de Chambeau placed fourth in his group. He will now be competing for the title of long-distance world champion on Friday. Here is how he did on Thursday. Set Yds 1 OB OB OB 350 358 OB OB 338 352 356 OB 2 OB 32 OB OB 338 3335 3 340 OB OB 338 OB 333 4 318 OB OB OB 333 5 OB OB OB OB 333 327

DeChambeau drove 359 yards on Thursday, but managed 412 yards with the help of a tailwind on Tuesday.

Each day, the golfers played five sets of six against one or two other players. Each set is worth 200 points, 100 points for second, 50 points for third, 25 for fourth, and total points are added to determine the winners.

DeChambeau acknowledged that the format was a struggle and that he wasn't used it to this type event. He is trying to use every shot for the next four days to his full potential.

He said, "I'm tired, I can tell that," It's an endurance race. These guys are faster and have more endurance than I. They have been training for this longer. It is an honor to make it to the final round. Although I didn't think I would make it to the final round I found the conditions perfect for me.

His accuracy is a key part of his strategy and the reason he is enjoying so much success in the tournament. Long drivers must keep their ball within bounds and within a defined grid or they will lose distance.

DeChambeau was one of the most accurate drivers throughout the week. He said that despite some out-of-bounds balls from fatigue on Thursday, he will rest up tonight and concentrate on keeping his ball in play to give himself a chance at the title.

DeChambeau stated that it puts a lot pressure on them when they lose a couple. Then they are like, "Well, I got one in." It puts a lot of stress on them, which is usually my strength. I hope to lock it down a bit better tomorrow and get more into the grid because that's what I do best.

DeChambeau stated that he has a number of goals for the competition. The livestream was broadcast on Thursday and the commentators noticed that the number of viewers had surpassed 18,000. They were thrilled to have such a large audience.

DeChambeau now has a chance to win, although he will need to face the world No. Kyle Berkshire will be the tournament's 1 long driver. He already feels the pressure from the other competitors as well as the fact that he must hit six balls in the 2 min, 30 second time limit for each set.

DeChambeau said that he has felt the thrill of his first tournament right through to the final round. He also stated that he will continue to feel the rush of adrenaline every time he takes to the long drive.

DeChambeau stated, "I can't believe this is happening, because there's almost no other tee box like it." "I will tell you that the Ryder Cup was incredible, winning tournaments was unbelievable, but it is a different kind of adrenaline in those situations. You're definitely trying to control adrenaline. It's rare for me to be able to do that, but it's great to have the opportunity to do it.