Clubhouse finally makes audio shareable with 30-second previews of rooms

Clubhouse has added a number of new features to its site, just one week after it introduced a new invite system. Clips is a tool that allows users to preview public rooms and share them with others. The new icon will look like a pair scissors when creators or hosts enable it. Tap it to capture the last 30 seconds audio. This will be saved by Clubhouse and can then be shared on Instagram, Twitter Facebook, iMessage, WhatsApp, or Facebook. Clubhouse is rolling out Clips to selected creators in beta today. If the host has disabled the feature, the scissors icon should be visible in most public and open spaces.
Clubhouse plans to offer a way to share archived live rooms from the past in the coming weeks. Replays is the name of this feature. It is possible to disable it, just like Clips. It will still make past rooms searchable for as long as the creator or host wants it to. Clubhouse plans to begin rolling out Replays in October.

Clubhouse will also introduce a search tool to help you find specific people, clubs and live rooms. This functionality will initially be available in the Explore tab. Clubhouse will move it to the hallway sidebar over the next week. Android users can also look forward to Clubhouse introducing spatial audio support. Clubhouse has announced many updates that address issues that have existed in the app for some time. A way to share audio was an especially notable omission.