Scarlett Johansson vs. Disney Black Widow Lawsuit Settled

In the wake of Black Widows' release on Disney+, one of Hollywoods most controversial and high-stakes lawsuits between Scarlett Johansson, Marvel star, and Disney has been settled. In the suit, Johansson claimed that Johansson's contract that guaranteed the film a theatrical release, had been violated. The actor was allegedly left with tens of millions in damages. The feud was a big story. There were back-and-forth media exchanges until Disney settled the contract dispute privately. That's what seems to have happened.

Everyone seems to be happy, at least according to the press. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Johansson said that she is happy to have resolved all our differences with Disney. I am extremely proud of the work we have done together over the years, and I have enjoyed my creative relationship. I look forward to continuing our partnership in the years ahead.

In case you were wondering, Wait, she's going to work with Disney again? We are grateful for her contributions to Marvel Cinematic Universe. We look forward to working with her on many upcoming projects including Disneys Tower of Terror.

Wed almost forgotten about that Tower of Terror movie, which was reported back in June as a vehicle for Johansson (as well as the House of Mouse theme parks, since itll be based on Disneys no-longer-in-existence Twilight Zone-inspired ride). It was obvious that Disney couldn't afford to spend big bucks on one movie star. THR reports that the terms of the deal weren't disclosed. However, it is likely there were many zeroes. The company tried to work things out with Johansson. He was the only star to sue for a contract violation.

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