Raiders' Derek Carr Views Games at Chargers as Extra Home Contest: 'It's Just a Fact'

AP Photo/Rick Scuteri
Derek Carr believes the Las Vegas Raiders will have plenty of fans at Monday's match against the Los Angeles Chargers at SoFi Stadium.

He said that it was "another home game," regardless of whether it was at Qualcomm in San Diego or Los Angeles' soccer stadium. "You have always considered it another home game, and that's no disrespect. It's just a fact."

Los Angeles is the Chargers' home team, but it is a fact.

This was true in Week 2, when the Dallas Cowboys visited. It will be the same when the Raiders visit the Raiders and the Raiders, Cleveland Browns and the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs later this season.

Carr has been a part of the AFC West for his entire career.

Los Angeles was home to the Raiders from 1982 to 1994. They then moved to Oakland where they played from 1960-1981 and 1995-1999. There are likely to be many loyal fans who have remained loyal to the Raiders even after they left.

Monday's contest will have a significant impact on more than the scene in the crowd.

For first place in the division, Las Vegas is tied with the Denver Broncos at 3-0. The 2-1 Chargers will be looking to gain some ground and the 1-2 Chiefs, the two-time AFC champions, are in danger.

These battles will be crucial in one of the league’s most competitive divisions, particularly as the Raiders or Chargers try to make space between Kansas City and themselves in the first part of the season.