Manny Pacquiao ‘retires’ from boxing after career spanning 12 titles, 62 wins

Manny Pacquiao, boxing's legend, announced his retirement via Facebook on Tuesday. He thanked his fans for their support, and stated that although it was difficult, he was happy with the decision. Pacquiao should now be focusing on his goal of becoming President of the Philippines.

It was obvious that Pacquiao, a former 12-time world champion and 42-year-old Pacquiao had come to an end after his fight against Yordenis Urgas. I was curious if Manny was willing to acknowledge this to himself. Before an eye injury, the Ugas fight was meant to be against Errol Sence Jr.

I don't believe this is Pacquiao's last fight. He is a boxer, and if he runs for president, I believe we will see him back in ringside within the next few year. If he wins, it may happen even while he is still in office. It won't be a victory for the marginalized communities of the Philippines, even if Pacquaio wins. Manny's conservative political and social views don't lend themselves to helping these often-neglected communities, particularly those from the LGBTQ community whom he once referred to as worse than animals.

Manny's ring career, I don't see Manny accepting that his last memory was a loss at hands of someone he hadnt known before that fight. If the Spence Jr. fight had gone as planned, I believe he would have swallowed it.

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This is still boxing, despite the fact that it was lost to a less-known fighter. Because boxers are almost as well-known as wrestlers regarding retirement and staying retired, I don't believe many of them when it comes down to retiring. They all get relegated to the basement when they make a big paycheck. Andre Ward, a bay area boxer, is the one I think could be truly finished in the ring. Ward has not fought in four years, so there isn't much talk of Ward returning.


Pacquiao: I think hell get that itch once more sooner than later, and want to be back in the ring at minimum one more time. Although I don't think it will be a good choice on his part, I can't believe he did. Manny may forget about boxing once again if his political career is so successful.

Let's see if Pacman can be satisfied with 12 world titles and 62 wins. If not, we'll be waiting for the return and wondering if Pacquiao, a mid-40s fighter, has overindulged.