More Than 20 Blue Origin Employees Say It’s a Horrible Place to Work

NASA's attempts to send the first astronauts to the Moon since 1972 is being impeded by Jeff Bezos Blue Origin. However, the space company is experiencing serious internal turmoil.
Blue Origin is described as a hostile workplace by 21 former and current employees. The essay was signed by 21 employees.

Many of us have dreamed of seeing a crewed rocket launch into space. We were not able to share Jeff Bezos' excitement when he flew into space in July. Many of us instead watched with an overwhelming feeling of unease. Some couldn't bear to even watch.

Alexandra Abrams was the ex-head of Blue Origin Employee Communications, and the only employee to have her name on the letter. She was fired in 2019 for failing to comply with federal export control regulations. Linda Mills, Blue Origins vice president for communications, said that Abrams was the reason.



Abrams stated to CBS that she has gotten far enough from it so they are not afraid of me anymore.

Blue Origin is in turmoil as they try to reverse NASA's decision to choose SpaceX to develop a Moon lander. Bezos sued NASA over last month's decision, which caused plans to send astronauts back to the Moon to be halted.

Eric Berger, Ars Technica space reporter, wrote that the last few months since Jeff Bezos has been in space have been shockingly bad for his company's public image. It's hard to comprehend how they have fallen so quickly and so far.

We have also heard of the harsh working conditions at Blue Origin before. According to The Verge, last year employees complained about being under tremendous pressure to launch the New Shepard rocket for the company during the COVID-19 pandemic.



These new revelations paint an awful picture of Blue Origin's working conditions. The employees claimed that Blue Origin's culture and work environment reflect the worst aspects of our world today and need to be changed.

Former employees also detailed several cases of sexual harassment by high-ranking managers in a company with a predominantly white male workforce.

The former employees also stated that Blue Origin failed to take into account the environmental consequences of its operations. The essay states that we did not see sustainability, climate changes, or climate justice as influencing Blue Origin's decision-making process and company culture.

In the letter, it was also stated that the New Shepard spacecraft's flight safety had been compromised by teams being stretched beyond their limits.



According to some reports, the company was also very sparse with its resources. The letter reminds employees to be cautious with Jeffs money and not to ask for more. It also encourages them to be grateful.

The essay states that it shouldn't cost anyone their lives to see what happens behind closed doors at companies in space. The commercial space industry has thrived because of the lack of regulations and rules. But now, the time is right for the public to board flights that allow accountability.

Even worse, employees were asked to sign new contracts in 2019, with a clause that prevents them or their heirs ever from saying anything that could harm the company's goodwill, according to former employees.

Blue Origin insists that it has zero tolerance for harassment or discrimination, Mills stated in a statement to CNBC. We offer many avenues to employees, including an anonymous hotline that is available 24/7, and we will quickly investigate any new allegations of misconduct.



The allegations made by the ex-employees are serious. Blue Origins PR department will have to do a lot of work, especially considering the company's already poor reputation.

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