Hear me out: Ben Simmons for Kyrie, straight up

In his four-year NBA tenure, Ben Simmons attempted 34 three-pointers. That's about the number of attempts downtown Kyrie Irving made in five games. The two former No. The two former No. 1 picks in point guards could not have played more different games.

Their commonality right now is the agita for their respective teams. Simmons is willing to be absent and not get paid rather than re-enact his role for the 76ers. Irving has so far opted to watch Nets home games without being paid and is willing to do the COVID-19 vaccination.

On Wednesday, Shaquille ONeal said that the Nets should trade Irving or get his arse outta there. This is where it's going.

This is not going to happen. Even though it would be a one-for-1 trade under cap rules, the Nets and 76ers will not make an Irving-for Simmons trade. They should.

It's a simple trade for the 76ers. They could not do better with a Simmons trade than bringing back Irving. Irving would be the perfect addition to Philadelphia's Joel Embiid team: a ball-handling star who is a legitimate threat outside.

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Simmons is four years younger than Irving, has less time on his contract, and has a player option. However, the Sixers want to win a championship right now. Irving would be their best hope to do that. Maybe Philadelphia is where he finds love and decides to stay. It's a great setting for a Philadelphia love story. A guy everyone can't stand because they find him annoying and wrong is a very valid scenario.

Philly would have concerns about Irving being traded by the Nets. This is because even though his vaccine ignorance is over, World B. Flat never stays more than a few days from his next drama. Irving is a rare exception to the rule. Other than the possible immunization stance, his headaches don't usually have anything to do basketball.


Simmons would not need to shoot the ball in Brooklyn. James Harden and Kevin Durant are the Nets' main scorers. Joe Harris and Patty Mills are their three-point specialists. Simmons could instead focus on his strengths and distribute the ball, rather than trying to be the No. 1 pick. Since arriving in Philadelphia, Simmons has been dealing with numerous issues including the No. 1 pick.

Simmons, who is only 25 years old, has been an All-Star three times and second-team NBA All-Defense twice. He's also been miscast and subject to constant scrutiny in Philadelphia. Simmons could be the next step in his elite game if he is on a roster that suits him well.


Durant is at risk of being upset, as Irving came to Brooklyn with Irving. However, Irving's presence could also lead to Durant and others becoming sick of Irving's shite, like LeBron James. Although the Nets may not end up with a better roster by swapping Irving for Simmons they would make a much better team and that's all that matters.

Simmons may not be planning to play in Philadelphia and Irving might not want to play in Brooklyn. The 76ers can help each other with their problems and possibly even see who wins the trade in Eastern Conference finals. Although it is unlikely, it should.