Devin Williams to miss postseason for dumbest of reasons

Devin Williams, Brewers relief pitcher, is this year's recipient.

Williams, one the most destructive relievers in the National League broke his throwing hand by punching a wall (perhaps as a tribute to Tom Petty). It is unlikely that Williams will miss the entire Brewers playoff run. He did so after having a few beers. Ironically, Willliams's celebration of making the playoffs was not too long after the punch.

I went out for a few drinks, but I was frustrated and upset at my home, so I punched a wall. Williams explained to reporters that this is how it happened.

This is a major blow to the Brew Crew. They have a plus-plus pitching rotation through Brandon Woodruff and Freddy Peralta. However, October is no time for a team to survive without good innings from the pen. The Brewers could easily get three to four innings from lights out relievers between Josh Hader and Williams.

The Brewers have to be concerned about the fact that all four starters have thrown far more innings this season than ever before. This could lead to them being worried. It is unknown how deep any of these guys will go in October. Woodruff has not seen the seventh inning since July. Burnes has only seen the seventh inning twice since July. Peralta has not been active since June and also had a few IL stints.

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Although the Brewers don't have any one to fill Williams's shoes before Hader, you won't find a better manager than Craig Counsell at taking it all on his own. Counsell will need to be all Merlin when he matches up in innings 5-7, if he does not get off to a great start. Atlanta is the possible route for the Brewers, and then the Dodgers and Giants. They are currently 1 (Dodgers), 2(Giants) or 4 (Braves), respectively, in runs in the NL.

Everybody in Wisconsin is likely already anticipating Austin Riley's arrival in Game 2 or 3. They will be thinking about how Devin would feel if he was there.


Keep in mind, kids, that you should always punch a wall with your other hand. It's good business.