New AR Glasses Are for Streaming Video and Ignoring the Real World

The Nreal glasses do not have an outward-facing camera.

Nreal, an AR developer, just released a cheaper version of its AR glasses. It is calling it the Nreal Air.

The new system, unlike the previous Nreal models and virtually every other mixed reality headset, will only focus on streaming video or displaying media. The Verge reports that the Nreal Air is missing components such as outward-facing cameras and hand-tracking technology that would allow a wearer to interact with AR. This is a great way to use AR to binge-watch or go on YouTube rabbit holes. It contrasts with other developers' moves to create metaverses that blur the lines between tangible and virtual realities.

Reality Break

Users will have to use a smartphone app to control Nreal Air because hand controls won't work. A spokesperson said that the Nreal Air will be a fraction of Nreal Lights $600 cost. Although it may reduce immersion in AR, using a smartphone instead of being able touch the AR display with your fingers will allow you to use the device more effectively.

According to Chi Xu, founder of Nreal, AR glasses are lighter and more durable today for streaming media and homework, he said.



You won't be able to creep out anyone you pass. Facebook's new covert surveillance Ray-Bans AR allows users to go about their day without worrying about having external cameras attached to their glasses. This means that they won't get weird looks from strangers who might be wondering if you are filming them.

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