Fight Breaks Out in Front of Brian Laundrie's Florida Home, Man Arrested

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Tensions are rising on Brian Laundrie’s block. A fight broke out just in front of his Florida house, and involved one of his neighbors.

You have to see the video. The neighbor in red starts shouting at two protestors who set up camp near the Laundrie family house... accusing them of stepping on their property.

He sounds like he's fed up with the protestors in his street and threatens to open a can full of whoop-ass should they step foot on his property. This is something he has already accused them of.

The confrontation is intense... it gives you a sense of how tensions are building on Brian's block.

You know that Brian is under manhunt and that the FBI has searched the house.

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After a temporary Gabby Petito memorial was thrown in the trash, Brian witnessed an altercation on Brian's front lawn.

Bottom line: Brian's neighborhood has its edge.