Google Pixel 'Fold': News, Leaks, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors!

Source: Nick Sutrich/Android Central
Motorola, Huawei, Samsung and Huawei were the first to introduce foldable phones. They also produced expensive prototypes that were essentially unfinished tech demos for eager customers. With the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Z Flip 3, Samsung has changed the conversation about foldable phones. They proved that they could offer a superior experience than slab-shaped phones. We're hopeful that Google will give Samsung a run for their money with its own foldable phones. We've seen leaks throughout 2021 about a possible Pixel Fold, which would launch alongside the highly anticipated Pixel 6. Google has not yet announced the Pixel Fold, but there are reasons to believe that it will soon arrive along with an operating system update focusing on foldables: Android 12.1. How will the Pixel Fold look, when will it be available, and will there be more designs? All the information we have leaked will be available to answer your questions. Based on what we have heard, it is certain to join the ranks the top foldable phones. We will wait to find out if it can compete with the Z Fold 3.

Google Pixel Fold Release Date and Models

Google could have two foldable phones in its pipeline. At the very least, one is expected to arrive before 2021 ends. The mystery surrounding the other one is even more perplexing. Multiple leakers confirmed that Google has foldable phones. Evan Blass tweeted the most recent leak, confirming that a "foldable Pixel codename Passport, retail branding unknown" will launch before the end. According to reports, Google engineers spent two years creating it. This gives it twice as much TLC than most phones. A trusted source told me that the foldable Pixel (codename Passport, retail branding unknown) will launch before the end. They've been working on the device for more than two years. If the P6 is any indication it'll be worth a glance. E (@evleaks), September 20, 2021 Codename Passport. This codename could be released in late 2021. From an internal Android document leaked to the public, the "passport" codename was first revealed in August 2020. It refers to the Pixel 5a and 6, 6 Pro as well as the foldable Pixel, which were all 2021 releases. We have learned that Samsung will ship Ultra-Thin Glass in the second half 2021 to Google. This glass is the same as the Galaxy Z foldable phones. All indications point to the Pixel Fold being real, and currently in production. Google could also be making a foldable Pixel phone codenamed "Jumbojack" at the same time. 9to5Google reported recently that Android developers had used the mysterious Pixel foldable to test a range of software features based on its "posture", such as half-opened or flipped.

A second Pixel Fold model could have a vertical fold similar to the Z Flip 3 Source: Daniel Bader/Android Central Could a second Pixel Fold model feature a vertical fold similar to the Z Flip 3

These codenames suggest a horizontal passport opening and a vertical Jumbo Jack cheeseburger opening. In theory, Google could release one or both of these foldables once the new Android 12.1 software is available. Internal documents only indicate that "Passport" will be released this year. This could indicate that Jumbojack will not ship before 2022 or that it is currently a prototype with no release date. Android developers make software for many devices, including Pixel phones. Jumbojack could have been a way for them to test software features for sandwich-folding phones such as the Z Flip. Our best guess is that the Passport foldable will be announced in October 2019. According to credible rumors, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will be unveiled on October 19. A recent Google advertisement suggests that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will also be revealed on October 19. Google could reveal the foldable Pixel at the event as an "one more thing". Google may ship its foldable Pixel phone the same day as the Pixel 6 phones, which are due to be released on October 28. Google could release it in the holiday window to protect Pixel 6 sales. Google Pixel Fold Pricing

Here's a mockup of what the Google Pixel Fold might look like from the back. Source: Nick Sutrich/Android Central A mockup of what the Google Pixel Fold might look like from the back.

We won't rely on rumors and leaks about Fold pricing. The Verge was told by Rick Osterloh, Google's chief hardware officer, that the Pixel 6 would be a premium-priced product. The Pixel 6 Pro could go up slightly over that amount. The Pixel Fold will likely cost more than a first-generation premium-plus device. Google has always focused on software to optimize midrange hardware in the past. We might have expected a Z Flip 3 competitor. Google's new foldable device is not a budget-friendly option, as the Pixel 6 lineup has gone all-out. Expect high-quality hardware and excellent cameras. This will result in a high price. Premium foldables are usually priced in the $2,000 to $1,800 range. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is just below that price at $1,800. According to rumors, the Pixel Fold will have a 7.6 inch display. This is just a fraction of the Z Fold 3's 7.55-inch display. We wouldn't be surprised to see the price of the foldable Pixel at this level or even higher. Google Pixel Fold Availability Samsung intends to make its Z foldables in more than 100 countries. Google has been more cautious about its phone availability. Only nine countries are available for the Pixel 5: Australia, Canada France, Germany Ireland, Japan Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States. The Pixel 5a is only available in the United States and Japan. The Pixel Fold is unlikely to be sold in other markets than those that Google has established. You may need to stay with Samsung depending on where your location is for your foldable fix. Google Pixel Fold Design

A mock-up of the Google Pixel Fold. Source: Nick Sutrich/Android Central A mock-up of the Google Pixel Fold.

We haven't heard much about the codenamed "Jumbojack", so we are focusing our design speculations around the "Passport", foldable Pixel that will be out later this year. Multiple reports indicate that the primary foldable Pixel will feature a 7.6-inch display with Ultra Thin Glass. This display material is the same as the Galaxy Z Fold 3. It should also have an in-folding design, similar to that phone. Based on several patents, we've created photoshopped images to give you an idea how the Pixel Fold might look.

Source: USPTO

Google patents a foldable design in 2018 (via Patently Apple). It features a three-screen design that includes a hinge and a rectangular display that slides out. This allows for a larger device to be folded. Most patents are not reflected in the final designs of companies. The cover display for the foldable Pixel may be similar to the Z Fold 3. We haven't seen any leaks mentioning one. Google could opt to keep the main display at 7.6 inches and use the back for the camera module. We wonder if that would bring down the price. We will also need to wait and see if the Pixel Fold will include a slot for a stylus. Google may design a smaller, lighter Pixelbook Pen that can be used with the foldable. The Z Fold 3 will have an edge if the Pixel foldable does not support stylus support. Google Pixel Fold Specs

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All indications point to the Google Pixel Fold using Google Tensor for its SoC. The Android 12 beta source code contained references to Passport, which will be the same hardware as the Pixel 6 line. Google Tensor, a customized silicon platform created by Google and Samsung LSI is confirmed to be in the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 Pro. It will be as fast as current flagship chipsets and enable Google to support Pixel phones longer. The Pixel Fold could receive software support for 5 years, theoretically. The Pixel 6 Pro has 12GB RAM and up to512GB storage. We expect the Pixel Fold will have similar memory numbers. The Pixel Fold could have similar camera sensors to the 50MP main camera sensor or 12MP selfie camera. This is speculation, as Google wants its first foldable to be comparable in specs to its Pro flagship. Ross Young, CEO of DSCC, announced that the Pixel Fold would be using Samsung Display tech. He also stated that it would have a 120Hz refreshrate with LTPO technology for variable refresh rates (VRR). It's exciting to see a 7.6 inch screen with the fastest refresh rate of any phone. We don't know the screen resolution nor what type of screen protector it will have. Google Pixel Fold Software