Xbox chief warns console supply constraints will last into 2022

Phil Spencer, Microsoft's Xbox chief, said that console supply problems will continue well into 2022. Video Games Chronicle caught Spencer speaking with The Wrap. He said that Xbox supply problems will continue into 2022 and beyond due to supply chain issues.
Spencer says that it is probably too isolated to be considered a chip problem. It is difficult to understand what it means to have the parts to make a console and get it to markets that are in demand. There are many pinch points. It will be with us for many months, probably through the end and into next year.

Since 18 months, various companies have been affected by the global chip shortage. Automobile manufacturers had to reduce production and it was nearly impossible to find new graphics cards, PS5s and Xbox consoles.

Spencer's predictions regarding supply problems are not unique. TSMC, a chip manufacturer, warned that industry shortages could persist into 2022. Nvidia stated last month that it anticipates GPU supply shortages for the vast majority (2022).