A revamped wired Nest Doorbell is coming in 2022 with 24/7 video recording

Google feels the smart home heat. Nest Vice President Rishi Chandra announced, shortly after Amazon's $50 Blink video doorbell was announced, that Google will be launching a second-generation Nest Doorbell next year. The new Nest Hello will also be hardwired, unlike the battery-powered Nest Doorbell. This allows for 24-hour video recording. The battery-powered cameras are not capable of doing this because they can't deal with thermal issues. You'd also likely need to recharge them frequently.
Chandra also stated that Google will launch a web-based Home app view next year. This will allow you control cameras and other devices directly from your computer. It's shocking that Google hasn't been able to create this feature, particularly when Ring and Arlo have had them for years. Google plans to eventually integrate older Nest devices into its Google Home app, but Nest customers will need to manage two apps at the moment.


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