Electric Scooter Racing Is Here to Melt and/or Scrape Your Face Off

You can be sure that people will race a vehicle that is fast. There are leagues for every kind of vehicle, including boats, planes and motorcycles. The eSkootr Championship has set the rules for what each racer will be riding next year.

The S1-X eSkooter was developed by YCOM in Italy, who also worked with the eSC. It doesn't look much different from the electric scooters that you see cruising around downtown areas of many cities. The scooter is 77 pounds and you don't want to have to lift it up stairs. The bodywork conceals front and rear suspension elements. A pair of six-kW electric motors are hidden beneath the chassis. They rely on a special torque distribution system to ensure that the power is evenly distributed between the two wheels.

The S1-X is powered by a 1.5 kWh lithium cell, but YCOM doesn't have any details about how far it can travel on a single charge. The scooter is not capable of traveling for as long as electric scooters like Lime, which can travel more than 20 miles without charging. This is especially true since the S1-X comes with a boost mode that gives riders a temporary advantage. They will want to use it sparingly if they are going to cross the finish line.

Although the S1X-X was tested with 16 riders, and the scooters were capped at 70% power. Official racing will take place in 2022. These two-wheeled vehicles can reach speeds of more than 60 mph on straightaways.

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This might seem slow considering motorcycles can reach speeds exceedingly high during races, but these racers will be standing all the time. This makes the 55-degree leans into tight corners more difficult. Riders have complained of feeling tired even after racing, even when they were using less power. To avoid electric scooter racing sounding like a joke, competitors will need to be physically fit to make it to the finish line first.