Former Google Exec Warns That AI Researchers Are “Creating God”

Mo Gawdat believes the singularity is near and that AI poses a serious danger to humanity.
Dire Warning

A former Google executive says that the singularity is on its way. He also believes that the singularity poses a serious threat to humanity.

In a new interview with The Times, Mo Gawdat, formerly Chief Business Officer of Google's moonshot company, gave his warning. He stated that artificial general intelligence (AGI) is a type of powerful, sentient AI that can be seen in sci-fi like Skynet from The Terminator and that it is inevitable that humanity will soon face an apocalypse triggered by godlike machines.

Fear Straight

Gawdat shared with The Times his terrifying revelation while working alongside AI developers at Google X, who were developing robot arms that could find and pick up small balls. After some slow progress, Gawdat reported that one arm reached for the ball and held it up to researchers in a gesture that seemed almost like it was displaying pride.

Gawdat stated that suddenly, I realized how scary this was. It completely frozen me.



He said that God was creating reality.

Real Dangers

In the tech industry, there are plenty of AI fearmongers. Elon Musk has warned the world many times about the dangers that AI will one day conquer humanity. However, this speculative view overlooks the actual dangers and harms of the AI we have already created.

Facial recognition algorithms and predictive policing algorithms, for example, have been a real problem in underserved areas. There are many algorithms that continue to perpetuate and codify institutional racism. These are issues that can be fixed through regulation and oversight. But you wouldn't know it if, like Gawdat thinks, AI development is the inevitable birth of a vengeful God.

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