New Exoskeleton Transforms Into Motorized Scooter

It's almost like an exoskeleton with an electric scooter having a baby.
Autobots are now available

Japanese Panasonic subsidiary Atoun created a futuristic exoskeleton which can be transformed into a powered buggy.

The Koma 1.5 suit is made to enable the wearer to lift heavy objects while rolling on relatively flat terrain like a warehouse floor or factory floor. It also allows them to look stylish.

Doin Buggy

Buggy Mode allows the suit wearer to step onto two platforms and then ride away. It's kind of like an electric scooter with two legs.

Two-Legged Mode is a different mode. The wearer can use the suit for walking up and down steps.



Official product page states that the robotic exoskeleton is capable of automatically detecting and avoiding obstacles.

Although it seems a clunky way to walk up and down stairs, the video doesn't make the transition from walking into rolling smooth. However, given the smooth surfaces warehouse workers must walk on, it makes sense to put them on wheels.

Atoun has not yet announced whether it plans to produce the suit. It is currently listed on its website as being in development. It's a fun twist to the exoskeleton powered concept and will bring some much-needed excitement when working in a warehouse or factory.

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