Scream House Listed on Airbnb for Horrifying Halloween Rentals

Are you planning for October? You can forget them because the house in Wes Cravens original horror film Scream, which was a meta-horror, is now available for rent as an Airbnb. It will cost guests just $5 per night, which is quite amazing. There are only three single-night stay options, so it's a no-brainer. These odds are not in favor of you.


If you win, Airbnb promises an unforgettable experience. The biggest amenity is David Arquette. He played the role of Deputy Dewey Riley, in 1996's Scream films, and will be there to greet you.

You will be transported back to 1996 and taken to Woodsboro with all its mischief. The night can be stayed for you and up to 3 guests (if you feel you can handle it )... Ghostface is back to terrorize our city, so you need to take care to avoid any encounters. We all know that he loves to make an appearance.

You'll be the next brave soul to spend a night in the Scream House. Here, you will experience all the terrifying elements of Scream at the very place where some of the most exciting and suspenseful scenes took place.

I will greet you at check-in via virtual greeting (so long as Ghostface does not catch me first).

This was your chance to see the Scream House in all its glory, from the knife marks on the doors to where Tatum died to the garage.

To catch up on the latest Scream film, a movie marathon will be held (on VHS).

Ghostface may have a dedicated phone number that you can use to contact him directly. But be careful, he might also call the house.

You can still enjoy classic 90s snacks like Jiffy Pop and Reddi-whip ice cream.

You have the chance to bring home Scream memorabilia including a DVD bundle with all four Scream films, Woodsboro High Gear, posters from Scream (2022), and more.

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You can enjoy a real thrill, or just love scary movies. Join us for an unforgettable sleepover celebrating all things Scream. Don't forget to see me in the Scream in theat er around the globe starting in January 2022.

You can enter the Airbnb site by going to this link on Tuesday, October 12 at 1:00 PM. ET to reserve your house for rent on October 27, 29, and 31. The house is located in Northern California's Tomales. It has one bedroom and sleeps four people. Two guests can use the queen-sized bed and two others can use the air mattress. There is also a single bathroom so you should be ready to get cozy. These arrangements may not appeal to you. It costs only $5 to rent and you won't get much sleep the night. According to Deputy Dewey, I will give you my best tips for surviving the night. Ghostface, however, will have plenty to tell you about haunts and other happenings.


Ghostface is likely to have a lot to say about it. If you're not one of the lucky people who get to experience the Airbnb experience, Scream writer Kevin Williamson tweeted that hell be hosting an Airbnb Online Experience on Oct. 28 to show what it takes to make the films.

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