The Switch Pro was real

I wont lie, we were very excited about Nintendos OLED Switch. The number of preorders in The Verge newsroom supports this. What about the new, more powerful Switch? According to a Bloomberg report, the global shortage of chips is what caused plans to cancel for Switch Pros with Nvidia's upgraded hardware and 4K resolution.
The outlet reported previously on the device, and it backs those reports up by claiming that at least 11 developers (like Zynga) have been identified who have received 4K Nintendo Switch Development Kits. Bloomberg claims that employees were told by Nintendo to design games for higher resolution. Bloomberg was informed by Nintendo that its reporting was incorrect without specifying which parts.

An upgraded Switch is not expected to be available before the end of 2022

These reporters are more interested in supply chain issues. They identified a component that Nintendo requires as being fully booked through 2025. Bloomberg sources tell Bloomberg that the Switch Pro's dream of a better model is not dead. However, this does not mean it will be on sale until late 2022.

With the Switch OLED, Nintendo delivered some of our expectations with smaller bezels and a better stand. It just released Bluetooth headphone support via software updates. Does that make up the 4K missing and no changes to the Joy-Cons'? Since Nintendo doesn't plan to launch another model, it will be.