Derrick Henry and the 'incredible' high school player who broke his record

It is quite an achievement to break a Florida high school record while only using one hand, as was held by Derrick Henry, the current NFL star. It is likely to be a surreal experience to have him shout at you afterwards.
Kayleb Wagner has checked all those boxes during his football career.

Henry's single-game record for rushing yards of 502 yards was broken by Wagner, a junior running back at Baker High School in District 1-A. He was defeated by South Walton High School's Wagner on Sept. 17. Wagner ran for 535 yards and six touchdowns to lead his team to a win of 49-48.

Henry stated that he thought it was amazing during a Thursday news conference. He was running outrunning men; the guys weren't touching him. It was amazing. He was an inspiration to me and his team. It's amazing to me."

Wagner averaged 409 yards per game in rushing this year. He also reached the end zone 15 times. A condition called amniotic bands syndrome caused Wagner to be born without the left hand and forearm of his mother.

Henry, who was a sensational runner during his time at Yulee High School himself, said that Wagner reached out via social media. Wagner confirmed that Henry had contacted him and that it was then that he realized how significant his record-breaking performance.

"We went back-and-forth for about five minutes. He congratulated and promised to send me his game gloves and cleats. It was amazing. It really hit me that I had the record," Wagner stated, according to MaxPreps.

Henry's senior season rushing totals, which included 4,261 yards and 55 touchdowns, are not only a state record. He also broke the high school national career rushing record. He ran 12,124 yards total, surpassing Ken Hall's record that stood for nearly 60 years.

According to the Tennessee Titans' back, he hopes Wagner will continue to set records at Baker during his career.

Henry stated, "I told him to keep on going, keep working hard and keep God first... Records are meant for breaking, and I hope that he breaks more."

Wagner is hopeful that he and the Gators' undefeated streak continues this week as they take on Lighthouse Private Christian Academy. Wagner stated that he hopes to one day make NFL history.

MaxPreps was told by Wagner that he wanted to be the first offensive play with one arm in the league.