Hot Breakfast Buffets Return To Four Marriott Brands

Hotels have seen a reduction in service during the pandemic to reduce contact and save money. The majority of limited-service hotel brands offer a complimentary hot breakfast to all guests. However, this has been reduced significantly during the pandemic. It looks like four Marriott brands will soon offer a complimentary hot breakfast. We hope these changes are as positive as they sound.
Marriott brands getting free full breakfast back

Marriott has announced that it will offer a complimentary hot breakfast program to all four of its brands.

Residence Inn Marriott

SpringHill Suites by Marriot

Fairfield by Marriott

TownePlace Suites at Marriott

This new breakfast option will be available in a select number of hotels starting October 2021. This will then be widely spread across almost 3,000 hotels in the United States over the course of winter.

This is how Diane Mayer (VP & Global Brand Manager Classic Select Brands) describes it:

A hotel's breakfast is a memorable experience. It can be a time to get together before you explore a new destination, or it can be a quick grab-and-go meal to start the day. We have gathered extensive consumer insight to realize that guests desire a healthy and nutritious breakfast with high quality ingredients. Our new breakfast is now available as a complimentary service. It features delicious, customizable options and is designed to be sustainable.

What type of breakfast should you expect?

These four Marriott brands will offer a complimentary breakfast that caters to customers' needs.

These are some possible menu items:

Breakfast sandwiches

Spinach and cheese crustless quiche

On whole wheat bread, cheese, egg, and sausage

Jalapeo cheddar baked souffle

Fresh fruit

You can make your own breakfast bowls by using yogurt, oatmeal or cereal as a base. Then you have the option to add granola and pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes and other toppings.

Hot sandwiches that can be customized with a range of toppings and sauces.

Here are some photos that Marriott provided about the new breakfast menu items.

Plain yogurt with granola and walnuts. Blueberry compote.

Frittata with tomato, kale and feta egg white

On whole wheat bread, cheese, and egg.

Bottom line

Marriott will bring back a hot, complimentary breakfast buffet at four limited-service brands. In October, this will be available and should continue to expand at all properties across the United States.

It's nice to see that hotels will be offering a full breakfast again, despite the fact that they are increasingly using the pandemic as a way to cut costs. Although I have doubts that the food will taste as good as the images above, this is a positive development.

What do you think of Marriott's hot breakfast buffets being restored by four brands?