Patrick Mahomes excited about Kansas City Chiefs' signing of WR Josh Gordon

KANSAS CITY MO. Patrick Mahomes seemed to be expressing his feelings about the signing of Josh Gordon, wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, by smiling even before answering the question.
Mahomes' words affirmed it.

Mahomes stated Wednesday that Gordon was dominant at all times. He was due to join the Chiefs later in the day. He can play in one-on-1 coverage.

He's a huge receiver. He's not covered even if he is covered. It's possible to throw it up and make plays.

Gordon will initially join the practice squad. The Chiefs plan to activate Gordon to the active roster eventually and place him alongside Tyreek Hill at wide receiver in the starting lineup.

Hill is the Chiefs' only other receiver who has produced consistently this season. In the last two games, he has eight catches for 70 yard with a long at 18 yards.

Andy Reid, coach of the NFL, said that Gordon's entry into the team would take some time. Gordon has not played in the NFL since 2019. "He's unlikely to play this week. We'll see how it turns out over the next few weeks."

Mahomes said, "I'm certain they'll integrate him with a few roles in the offense as this season goes along, as we get up to speed, then we'll see what happens." He will have his role. He is a great football player but everyone gets to play in this offense.