Which women's college basketball recruits took their games to new levels?

Our women's college basketball rankings were updated for the Class of 2022, 2023, and 2024. This was after a full season of live period events that included several major circuits as well as event champions.
It was great to be able to visit college prospects again in person and to see firsthand how players have improved their skills, performance, and recruiting stock over these past months.

The recruiting process never ends. Players are always competing for the best opportunities at the next level. These are the 2022, 2023, and 2024 prospects who took their game to the next level.

Class of 2022

W/F Gabriela Jaquez

Camarillo High School (California)

New espnW 100 ranking: 19

Previous espnW 100 ranking: 63

Committed to: UCLA

Jaquez is a tough competitor and a well-rounded player. Jaquez's ability to score at the high post and attack one-on-one from her wing made her a popular player. Her game has improved significantly with a more consistent 3-point shot.

Her Cal Stars team led to the Nike EYBL Championship in June. She was awarded MVP with her skillful defense, relentless rebounding, and overall versatility. She was able to make winning play after winning game and fill in any gap that Kelly Sopak's team required.

Jaquez, who is 6 feet tall, committed to UCLA on July 30, 2018. Jaime, her older brother, is a forward for the UCLA men's basketball program.

G Indya Nivar

Apex Friendship High school (North Carolina).

New espnW 100 ranking: 20

Previous espnW 100 ranking: 54


This summer, Nivar caused quite a stir among college coaches. After being unable to see high school basketball live for more than a year, Division I coach enjoyed being able finally to go back to the packed baselines and sideslines to observe players. Nivar used this opportunity to show that she had improved her game and to receive several scholarships.

The Nivar, a 5-foot-9 girl, has a strong build and jump ability. She can glide to the finish line at the rim or make contact with bigger defenders using her two-footed finishing moves. She is also a strong pull-up jumper and a potential 3-point threat. Nivar is a strong handler and uses her footwork to reach her spots.

Her lateral speed and quickness enable her to defend multiple positions around the perimeter. Her jumping ability, as mentioned earlier, helps her rebound quickly and start the transition break.

This summer, Nivar became more offensively aggressive. On Sept. 7, she announced her final three schools: Stanford, North Carolina State University and NC State.

G Flau'jae Johnson

Sprayberry High School (Georgia).

New espnW 100 ranking: 26

Previous espnW 100 ranking: 55


Johnson's flair and court style make her a formidable scoring talent. She also improved her defensive game. She learned to lock in, take a defensive stance, and be aware of off-ball nuances.

She was able to use her natural instincts for the ball to make disruptive plays on defense. With her quick hands, anticipation and pressure she can be a problem in passing lane. This can sometimes lead to some gambling for steals but it is part of playmaking.

She is a natural at pulling-up jumpers and can make off with her handle. Although she is not a great 3-point shooter, she can really catch fire from the deep. Although her left hand is improving, it could still use some sharpening. She is now able to read pin-downs and staggered screens, where she used to be most engaged when the ball was in its hands.

She is currently on an official visit in Miami, while Georgia, Texas, Georgia and Ole Miss are also on the radar.

Class of 2023

Ciera Toomey, post player, went from being No. 14 prospects in the Class 2023, to be ranked No. 3. Brittany Graham

P Ciera Toomey

Dunsmore High School (Pennsylvania).

New espnW 60 ranking: 3

Previous espnW 60 ranking: 14


Toomey was already anticipating college coaches being able to assess her live after her high school films were noticed by them, and then she won at The Prime Event East in June.

Although she was No. She debuted at No. 14 in the rankings in April but it was clear that she was the best stock riser of the season. Toomey is a natural player with smooth footwork and a sweet mid-range jumper and high-percentage 3-ball. She has also shown that she can be comfortable anywhere on the court thanks to her ball-handling and passing skills. She scored 17 points against No. In the finals, Mikaylah Williams, the number 1 overall prospect, scored 17 points against No.

She is a great defensive player and can time the shot-block very well. She is patient enough to wait for her opponent to get off the floor before she does. She also does a great job blocking shots in the paint and keeping them from getting too close. She is a secondary defender and knows when to turn and cause havoc to make scoring difficult.

Toomey is a multi-sport athlete and can also be a great golfer. She adds strength to her hands and adjusts her handling. Among the many teams that are interested in her include UConn and Notre Dame, Penn State as well as Maryland, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

F Cassandre Prosper

Cairine Wilson High school (Quebec Canada)

New espnW 60 ranking: 15

Previous espnW 60 ranking: Unranked


Prosper was buzzing from the beginning of July, and the Canadian 6-foot-2 star showed her talent quickly.

She is a smooth, coordinated athlete with excellent length and coordination. She is a great jumper and jumper, who can find ways to get to it on rebound or through gaps in defense to the rim. With her slashing style, she is more of a forward than an wing. She prefers to use the floor to attack and score on the paint than catch and shoot. She's a good shooter from mid-range and can improve her game by adding a consistent 3-point shot.

She will be able to play against top-level players, such as the U16 Canadian national team player. This will allow her to learn defensive skills and her role as a forward/wing. She is so gifted physically that she needs other players with similar talents to challenge her. She was able to hold her own in the FIBA Americas U16 final against USA on Aug. 30. She scored 13 points and pulled down five rebounds.

Prosper is a great prospect and has received scholarship offers from all major conferences in women’s college basketball.

PG Hannah Hidalgo

Paul VI High School (New Jersey).

New espnW 60 ranking: 18

Previous espnW 60 ranking: 40


Hidalgo is one of the most skilled players in her class. Although she was not invited to the USA U16 tournament, Hidalgo made good use of her opportunity to show college coaches and scouts her floater and runner skills. After her incredible footwork and handles, she can lift and explode to the rim. She can also pull-up jump and has range with her 3-ball.

She can move quickly with or without the ball. She is a disruptive player, both on and off the ball. She can set the tone and pace for her team, which she enjoys being competitive with.

Expect her to improve as her game matures, and she manages her players as well in transition as she does in the half court. She is diligently working to improve her consistency from beyond the arc as well as her overall strength. Hidalgo is being recruited by Stanford, Notre Dame and Louisville as well as Penn State, Pitt, Arizona State, Mississippi State, Boston College, Stanford, Penn State, Pitt and Maryland.

Class of 2024

PG Jaloni Cambridge

Ensworth High School (Tennessee).

New espnW 25 ranking: 2

Previous espnW 25 ranking: 13


Cambridge enjoyed one of the best and most successful summers in recent history. Her FBC United The Family team won the Under Armour Championships. She also participated in the USA U16 FIFA Americas team that won gold in Mexico. There, she scored 18 points and provided three assists in the gold medal game against Canada.

Cambridge is energetic and has a fierce competitive spirit. She is always engaged and makes dynamic play on the court. Her ballhandling abilities allow her to break down her opponent, which allows her create for herself or get defenses scrambling, rotating, which opens up opportunities for her teammates.

She is able to shoot from far away, can read the floor well, and is a natural in transition. Her 3-point shooting ability of 5'6 is crucial to keep defenses honest and have opponents keeping up with her. She is a great defensive player and can pressure the ball handler like no one else in the country. As her speed, anticipation, and quickness are all above average, she is highly effective in pressing and help-side.

Cambridge was injured in her last high school season. She missed training and played for a while. Her newfound focus and maturity after her return made this a great summer. Among the schools that are interested in Cambridge are Oregon, Texas and North Carolina.

UConn star Paige Bueckers (from Minnesota), and Iowa star Caitlin Carl (from Iowa) were before her, the 2024 wing Allie Ziebell is the latest top shooter from the Midwest. Brittany Graham

W Allie Ziebell

Neenah High School (Wisconsin)

New espnW 25 ranking: 13

Previous espnW 25 ranking: Unranked


Ziebell is a natural basketball shooter. Ziebell can hit up to seven, six, or seven 3-pointers per game, and that is in huge moments. She scored 11 of the 14 points in a tie-breaking game at The Prime Event 16U Championship. She is definitely the top shooting prospect in the country. Ziebell, like Paige Bueckers from UConn and Iowa star Caitlin Carl (from Iowa), is the latest top shooter from the Midwest.

Ziebell can use the shot fake well and can hit the pull-up jumper. She is straightforward and knows her strengths. Her quiet, calm demeanour sets the tone for her teammates. She is a good player and knows the rules. She is able to defend the ball by using angles, even against other guards who may be quicker. She is able to maintain a good stance while being alert of the ball. This helps her stay in the right position.

Ziebell currently has offers from Illinois Green Bay, Oklahoma and Wisconsin, Texas Tech, Marquette and Wisconsin.

F Harper Peterson

Whitney High School (California).

New espnW 25 ranking: 17

Previous espnW 25 ranking: Unranked


Peterson has become more confident and, in turn, more assertive over the summer. She showed some skills in the spring but was not as assertive. Her game has changed dramatically over the past few months.

Peterson, who is 6-foot-3, can move the ball to the 3-point line in a natural and effortless stroke. When she's asked to move the ball on the half court or break a press, Peterson is a solid decision-maker and ball handler. She is a good back-tobasket player and has excellent game development. She is distinguished by her court vision and passing skills.

Her length and mobility make her a good defensive player. She can block and alter shots. She can move well laterally so that she can protect the perimeter. She will be more effective inside if she is stronger. Peterson is currently offered by Arizona, Cal and Illinois as well as Ohio State, Ohio State, Utah and other Power 5 and Ivy League schools.