Dog the Bounty Hunter Says He's Closing in on Brian Laundrie

Dog the Bounty Hunter is only on the Brian Laundrie case since a few days. However, TMZ learned that he now claims Laundrie is still alive and Dog believes he's very close to capturing him.
Sources who have direct knowledge of the situation tell TMZ that Dog is moving to a remote location where he believes Laundrie is hiding. Dog claims he will be there in under an hour. Dog said he had information that led him to believe Laundrie was still alive and active as of Tuesday, 10:59 PM.

Dog claims that his 12 hour-old latest information is that Laundrie has survived and is evading capture.

Dog works with a team of skilled boat and ground crews.

We cannot confirm Laundrie’s location or whether he is still alive. However, we are reporting what Dog says. Dog will be able to update us once he is there.