Natural Alternatives To Paleo Diet

Natural Alternatives To Paleo Diet1Paleo Diet involves limiting certain products including sugar, processed foods, dairy products, alcohol, coffee etc. The emphasis is laid on the unprocessed and wholesome foods, such as organ meat, roots, fruits, vegetables, and nuts, which were taken by the people of ancient times. For this reason, this diet is called Paleo, which is a reduction from Paleolithic. The other name of the program is Stone Age diet. To some extent, the ration of the Paleo Diet user resembles the ration of a cave dweller. The weight loss performance of this diet is rather arguable. The users of Paleo program claimed on the health issues, namely, with digestive system. In addition, it is quite difficult to exclude such products as oils, salt, grains, dairy, etc. Besides, the main purpose of this diet is not to help losing weight, but to promote overall health. The limitation of such a variety of products results in lack of different vitamins and minerals, such as protein, fiber, calcium, etc. Therefore, the users should consume supplements of these components. The majority of the Paleo Diet users mention that they had difficulties with following the diet restrictions. Since your ration is limited, you have to refuse from visiting various social events or just keep restrained from the foods. The efficiency of the Paleo Diet is not proven by profound studies or researches. For this reason, you should consider the following natural alternatives to this program. Dukan Diet Dukan Diet is a weight loss program, which is based on high protein consumption. The program claims that it is possible to lose up to 6.6 pounds in the first week. During the diet, you will have to reduce the consumption level of carbohydrates and fats. Dukan Diet covers 4 phases: attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization. In addition, the diet eliminates consumption of any supplements to your ration and provides cooking of own foods. It is difficult to calculate the price of the program, because you may choose various groceries to complete the ration. Nevertheless, the online support is available on the official website for the monthly fee of $29.99. The efficiency of Dukan Diet is disputable, since several claims of side effects and poor results have been reported. Besides, the majority of users also claimed on the decrease of energy, which is caused by the low level of carbohydrates. 18 Shake Diet In 2017, 18 Shake was named the best meal replacement shake. Actually, the shake is a supplement to 18 Shake Diet Program, consisting of natural ingredients including stevia extract, natural cocoa, xanthan gum, digestive resistant maltodextrin, zinc citrate etc. Besides, the product has a significant amount of protein that makes it a perfect solution for people attempting to reduce their weight. The main purpose of this shake is to manage weight, and according to the feedbacks, the efficiency is rather high. No side effects or health problems have been reported of the consumers of 18 Shake. The shake itself costs $59.99. Optionally, 18 Shake Diet Program is available, providing instructions to use this supplement and other products in order to achieve best results. High Protein Diet This program is popular among athletes and bodybuilders. Nevertheless, it is also recommended for the people, who want to manage their weight. The program lay emphasis on the consumption of products rich in protein, including whey protein, seafood, pork, poultry, nuts, eggs, and others. The advantage of the High Protein Diet is that you create the ration by your own. According to the users’ feedbacks, the diet shows significant weight loss results. The users also mention that it is easy to follow the diet because of the numerous available foods.

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