Bali Will Welcome Visitors From These 4 Countries

The journey from opening Bali to reopening was not easy. It was originally scheduled to open in 2020. Then it would open in 2021. It has not gone according to plan.
Officials have stated that tourism must reopen, especially in areas where vaccine levels are high like Bali, despite the setbacks. These reopening efforts are supported by the central government, unlike previous statements made by regional leaders.

We are now in a new phase of our plans to open Bali for visitors starting in October 2021. This will be followed by 4 additional countries.

Bali to Welcome Visitors from 4 Countries in October

Tjokorda OKa Artha Ardhana Sukuwati, Bali's Deputy Governor (aka Cok Ace), stated that the island of Gods will reopen in October for select visitors in accordance with recent suggestions by the Indonesian government.

According to the latest statistics, 97% of islanders have had at least one dose (or more) of covid-19 vaccine. All vaccination efforts will be completed by October so there is little reason to not reopen. Local businesses have suffered devastating consequences after being without tourism for more than 18 months.

The island can now reopen to countries that have vaccinated it. This will allow for increased tourism and visitors from trusted countries. According to Cok Ace of the Bali Sun, the initial list will include the United States, Russia, and Germany.

Based on the length of their stay in Bali, we have chosen multiple countries, including America, Germany, England, and Russia to implement the travel bubble program.

Although a specific date has not been set, visitors from these countries can start to plan trips and have a better idea of when they'll be available, especially for fully vaccinated travelers.

Both plans from Bali and Indonesia have been cancelled in the past. It is important to allow for flexibility through airline or hotel policies until clearer protocols and rules are established.

Are Visitors Limited?

Bali will allow all visitors to Bali, as long as the cases are within the range of expected increases. Green zones could be established if cases exceed expected surge levels. This would limit most visitors to Ubud or Nusa Dua.

These are the most popular places people go anyway so it won't necessarily be the worst. However, there are high chances that tourists will be able to fully explore the island due to the high rates of vaccination.

Opening initially to tourists from countries where the pandemic has largely become endemic and vaccination rates rising should lead to a sustainable and successful reopening.

Do you plan to return to Bali?