LifeMiles Offering Discounted Star Alliance Awards

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LifeMiles is a great frequent flyer program. It often sells miles at a discounted rate and offers high award redemption rates. LifeMiles is my preferred program to book premium Star Alliance cabin Star Alliance awards.

LifeMiles currently offers a discount on award redemptions in selected markets for Star Alliance partners. LifeMiles is the only program that offers discounted award redemptions on partner airlines. This is a significant advantage. Despite the fact that many of the most lucrative routes will not be available due to current travel restrictions it is worth knowing about.

LifeMiles Star Alliance Award Sale

LifeMiles currently has a sale where members can save up to 30% on select redemptions

The promotion is only available for redemptions until October 11, 2021. However, you can still plan your travel for any future dates provided you book within the promotion period.

You can only use the discount for travel between certain city pairs. All eligible markets are listed at this link. You can choose from a variety of city pairs in both business and economy class.

It is important to remember that these discounts can be used for travel to and from Asia. Travel between multiple countries is not practical at the moment, but it could be an opportunity for those with an optimistic outlook.

These are the Star Alliance business class award discounts we saw with this deal (in every case, discounts are available in both directions of travel).

Miami to Houston LifeMiles for 11,500 (23% Discount)

San Francisco to Toronto for 20,000 LifeMiles (20% Discount)

Tokyo Haneda to Los Angeles - 60,000 LifeMiles (20% Discount)

Tokyo Haneda to San Francisco: 60,000 LifeMiles (20% Discount)

Tokyo Narita to San Francisco: 60,000 LifeMiles (20% Discount)

Tokyo Haneda to New York 64,000 LifeMiles (5% Discount)

Tokyo Narita to New York 64,000 LifeMiles (5% Discount)

Tokyo Narita to Los Angeles 64,000 LifeMiles (5% Discount)

Seoul Incheon to Los Angeles 64,000 LifeMiles (5% Discount)

Taipei to Vancouver 64,000 LifeMiles (5% Discount)

Get discounts on award tickets between Toronto and San Francisco

LifeMiles - 150% Bonus

You can get LifeMiles at a significant discount, and you can redeem LifeMiles for a discount.

LifeMiles currently offers a 150% bonus for purchased miles. This is a fantastic deal. This means that you can purchase miles as low as 1.32 cents per mile (or even less if you take into account credit card rewards).

Register to get the best version. You will then be able to instantly see the updated version when you go to purchase LifeMiles. When you buy miles, make sure you get the correct bonus.

LifeMiles handles mileage purchases directly. This means that purchasing miles with the program is considered airfare spending. I almost consider this a discount on LifeMiles purchased. You might consider one of these cards to make your purchase. They offer the following bonus miles when you spend on airfare:

5x Membership Rewards points for every dollar spent directly on airlines or through Amex Travel. Then, 1x the Platinum Card from American Express. Learn More 3x Membership rewards points per $1 spent on airfare Chase Sapphire Reserve. Learn More 3x ThankYou Points per Dollar spent on airfare Citi Prime Card. Learn More 2x Ultimate Reward points per $ spent on airfare Chase Sapphire Prefered Card. Apply Now

You earn 5x points if you pay with the American Express Platinum Card (review). These points are worth 1.7 cents each. That's 8.5% return.

There are many ways to earn LifeMiles with credit cards, including the conversion of points from major transferable point currencies. LifeMiles is a spin-off frequent flyer program. This post will provide more information about Aviancas financial situation so that you can decide if this deal is right for you.

Enjoy a Discount on Awards Between Tokyo and New York

Bottom line

LifeMiles offers a 15% bonus on all purchased miles. You can also get discounts on certain redemptions.

LifeMiles offers discounted redemptions many times per year. It is worth looking at the list to determine if any route suits your travel plans. It is difficult to focus too much on Asia, as many of the countries in Asia remain closed. You can still plan for future travel and expect the best.

Are you planning to take advantage this LifeMiles sale?