Withings’ latest hybrid smartwatch poses as a luxury dive watch

Withings' latest hybrid smartwatch, the ScanWatch Horizon, combines a digital display and a traditional mechanical design. A Withings smartwatch is the best choice for you if you don't like the look of other health-focused wearables or hate the constant stream of notifications.
Withings claims it got design inspiration from the 43mm ScanWatch Horizon, which is made of sapphire glass with a titanium finish. The stainless-steel rotating watch bezel and luminescent hands, as well as indicators and indicators for visibility at low light, were also inspired by luxury diving watches such the Submariner and Seamaster. However, its water resistance is only 10 ATM making it unsuitable for deep diving. It should still be able to swim, surf, snorkel, and do other water sports above 100m (330 feet). Rolex and Omega dive watches are waterproof to a depth up to 300m (980 feet).

The ScanWatch Horizon is a fitness tracker that can track and automatically identify more than 30 activities such as running, swimming and walking. The ScanWatch Horizon is equipped with Bluetooth so that your phone's GPS can be used to track your routes. It has a 30 day battery life before you need to recharge it. The collected data is sent back to the Withings Healthmate (iOS or Android) app, which allows you to monitor performance and link it to Apple Health, Google Fit and Strava.

The watch is equipped with sensors that measure heart rate and blood oxygen. This will allow you to estimate your VO2 Max fitness level. If it detects irregular heart rhythms, the watch can prompt wearers to record a 30-second medical-grade ECG. The ScanWatch Horizon can also track sleep. The Horizon, like the original ScanWatch, can detect and warn wearers if there are possible sleep disorders.

The FDA Clearance requires that both ScanWatch Horizon and ScanWatch Horizon be sold in the US due to ECG claims. Withings originally expected clearance to occur in 2020. However, the company claims that these unexpected times have caused a delay. Withings claims that it is in constant contact with FDA and expects approval within the next few weeks.

As we stated in our science-based review, smartwatches are not enough to detect sleep apnea. While blood oxygen is an important indicator to monitor patients with COVID-19 and other conditions, wrist-worn sensors such as this don't have the same accuracy as pulse oximeters which measure on a finger.

Today, the ScanWatch Horizon is now available in Germany, France, and the UK for 499.95/499.95. Withings claims it will be available in the US in Q4 2021. By then, it expects to have FDA Clearance.