iPhone 13 ‘unlock with Apple Watch’ bug fixed in iOS beta

Apple has apparently fixed the problem that caused unlock with Apple Watch to fail on iPhone 13 models. 9to5Mac reports that the feature, which allows Apple Watch users to unlock their iPhones with no password when they are wearing masks, has been fixed.
Apple indicated on its support page that it was investigating the problem a few days back. After getting used to this feature earlier in the year, I've had to experience the problem on my iPhone 13 Pro. The only way to unlock an iPhone with Face ID disabled on newer models is to use a password.

Although there is no information on the release date of iOS 15.1 to the public, it will likely include more than this fix. SharePlay, which was one of the most popular new features in iOS 15 back in June when it was first announced at WWDC, did not make it to the iOS 15 beta, but made its debut in the 15.1 beta. This feature allows you to share music and video content via FaceTime calls. iOS 15.1 will allow you to add proof that your vaccination status has been verified to the Wallet app.