Apple's 96W Charger for 16-inch MacBook Pro Faces 2-3 Months Shipping Delay

Apple's 96W USBC power adapter, which is intended for use with the 16 inch MacBook Pro, currently has a long shipping time of 2-3 months on its online store in the United States. You cannot pick up the adapter in-store at any Apple retail store around the globe.

Some countries, such as Japan, started receiving shipping estimates for 2-3 months in August. The delay has now extended to other countries.

Redesigned MacBook Pro models of 14-inch and 16 inch are expected to be launched later in the year. However, many tech companies are experiencing supply constraints due to a global shortage of chips. The reason for the shipping delay with the 96W power adapter is not yet clear.

Since the MacBook Pro launched in November 2019, Apple has included the 96W adapter with the 16 inch MacBook Pro. However, it is now available separately for $79 despite the long shipping delay. Apple discontinued the 87W power adapter that was included with the 15-inch MacBook Pro of previous generations.

Apple's smaller power adapters (20W, 30W and 61W) are not currently experiencing extended shipping delays in America.

MacRumors was informed by an Apple Authorized Reseller that they do not currently have stock of the 96W power converter. This suggests that there are significant supply issues across multiple channels.

Rumours abound that Apple plans to redesign its 14-inch and 16 inch MacBook Pro models. These will feature a faster M1 chip and brighter mini LED displays. Rumours claim that the notebooks will be redesigned with an HDMI port, SD card reader, magnetic power cable, and physical functions keys in place of the Touch Bar.