Las Vegas Police: UFC's Jon Jones was on 'emotional roller coaster' during domestic violence-related arrest

Marc Raimondi joins SportsCenter for an update on UFC fighter Jon Jones' misdemeanor domestic violence case. (2:03).
UFC fighter Jon Jones pulled a woman's hair, and then headbutted a police vehicle hours after his fight was inducted into UFC Hall of Fame.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released Tuesday's arrest report detailing the events that led Jones to be arrested Friday morning for injuring or manipulating with a vehicle (a felony) and misdemeanor domestic violence. Jones was released on Friday evening with $8,000 bail. He is expected back in court Oct. 26.

Police on the Las Vegas Strip apprehended Jones just before 6 a.m. on Friday. According to the police report, Jones became irate after being taken into custody. He smashed his head on the front hood of a police car, leaving a moderate-sized dent in the paint and chipping. This led to Jones being charged with felony injuring or manipulating a vehicle.

The incident occurred at Caesars Palace resort. Police interviewed the victim, who said Jones had been "little" physically with her, touching her back and pulling her hair. Jones didn't hit her, she said. Police found blood on the woman's clothes and a bump on her lips with dried blood. Her lips were very dry, she said. The report also stated that police found blood on the sheets of the hotel room.

According to ESPN, the woman was not identified by ESPN. She told police that Jones was aggressive but not violent with her. To stop her leaving the hotel, he grabbed her hair at the back. The woman was seen by police with a swelling of her lower lip and a small red mark on her right upper cheek. Police did not permit photos to be taken and she refused to give a recording or voluntary statement.

According to the arrest report, a Caesars security guard said she met the woman and that she broke down when she was asked if she was okay. According to the arrest report, the woman stated that she was afraid of going back into her room. She was taken to the security department.

According to the report Jones stated that Jones was not allowed to be read his Miranda rights before he was placed in handcuffs on one of the most important nights of his life. The report said Jones "immediately burst in tears" after his rights were read. Jones was described by the report as experiencing an "emotional rollercoaster".

According to the report, Jones denied ever touching the woman and said he had trouble remembering specific points. Police said that Jones joked that he wanted to join us all and see what we can do. According to the report, Jones appeared to be trying to escape from the handcuffs, and fight the officers. Jones was told by the officers that they weren't laughing and would use a Taser against him if he continued to behave that way. The report said that Jones had apologized.

Jones, 34, has been in several legal and other issues. He was convicted of several DUIs, and also ran into a felony hit and run in 2015. Jones also failed two drug screenings during his MMA career.

Jones is a long-standing light heavyweight champion who has never been defeated in the cage. Jones is currently preparing to move up to heavyweight in order to compete for the title. Since February 2020, he has not fought.

Jones posted video of himself bench pressing on Tuesday to social media, along with a few written comments.

His Instagram post stated, "I have too many traumas to drink alcohol, my brain simply cannot handle it anymore." "I will never drink alcohol again."

"Now is the right time to work harder than ever.

"Turn this nightmare to the best thing that ever happened in my life."

Dana White, UFC president, said Jones' arrest would be investigated.