Golfer Bryson DeChambeau advances in long drive world championships

Bryson de Chambeau continues his outstanding weekend of golf with a stunning drive of 408 yards at The Professional Long Drivers Association World Championships. (0:52).
After the first day at the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championships, Bryson de Chambeau was tied for second in his group. He averaged 406.2 yards using five of his longest tee shots.

To advance to the next round, DeChambeau had drives of 412 yards, 408, 407 and 403 yards on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the field will shrink from 64 to 32. The top eight from each group advance to Thursday and then to Friday's final 16.

Tee It High, Fly Bryson deChambeau reached the final 64 at Tuesday's Professional Long Drivers Association World Championships. Set Yds 1 OB OB 381-381 391 OB 2/369 OB 372-372-370371 384 3 401-394 372-403 3 401-394 372 403 3 401-394 372 403 3 401-401-394 372-403 3 401-394 372-403 3 410-394 372 403 3 OB 387 4 384 OB OB OB 375 412 407 5 365-379 381

His 412-yard drive tied him with Josh Cassaday for third place in the group. He also had a 417 yard drive. Scottie Pearman (leader of the group) had a 413 yard drive.

Each competitor is allowed to hit six balls in five sets. They compete against two to three people in each set. The first place gets 200 points. Second gets 100. Third gets 50. Fourth gets 25.

DeChambeau finished with 800 points after he had scored three firsts, two seconds and Jim Waldron (900) behind him.

DeChambeau has had a busy week. DeChambeau flew from the United States to Detroit Tuesday, to announce an extended contract between Rocket Mortgage Classic (Detroit Golf Club) and the United States. DeChambeau then flew to Mesquite, Texas for the long-distance competition.

DeChambeau was capable of hitting a 417 yard drive in the Ryder Cup on his par-5 fifth hole. It's possible to believe that he could hit it further than his 412 on Tuesday.