A Film Crew Is Launching to the International Space Station Next Week

Russian actress will portray a surgeon, who is, in a similar fashion to herself, sent into space.
Movie Magic

Next week, the lead actress and director of this fictional feature-length film in space will blast off. This will be on October 5.

According to the NYT, the movie is called The Challenge and it's about a surgeon who ends up being sent to the International Space Station to save the life of a cosmonaut.

According to the NYT, the plan is to send Yukia Peresild (actress who plays the doctor) and Klim Shipenko (director) to the Russian section of the station for ten days. Peresild's lack of spaceflight experience is expected to be conveyed the terror, challenges and inspiring experience of an ordinary person suddenly being sent into space.

Russia will be ahead of the US in terms of each country's goals for shooting a film in orbit. It is not clear how much motivation was there to make this happen.



Cinematic Reality

The film will be more accurate than any other science-fiction movie. However, as Alice Gorman, Flinders University space research expert, points out in IFLScience there will still be elements that challenge the boundaries of science.

Peresilds' character will have to perform surgery. This is something that has never been done on animals while in orbit. Although it is not known what the fictional space station will look like, or if the scenes will be filmed back on Earth, it will be fascinating to see how the fictionalized medicine blends in with the realities of space.

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