Will Smith Confirmed He And Jada Pinkett Smith Have An Open Marriage A Year After The “Entanglement” Drama

Will Smith opened up about Jada Pinkett Smith's turbulent marriage ahead of the November release of his memoir, entitled Self-titled.
Hollywood couple Jaden, 23 and Willow, 20, were married in 1997. They have two children.

In an interview with GQ, the actor, 53, has discussed last year's discussion and provided further insight into the period when Jadas and he were married.

Will shared a surprising candid conversation with the interviewer, confirming that he and Jada have had sexual relationships other than their marriage.

The author pointed out that some viewers of the Red Table Talk may have believed Jada was the only one having sexual relations. He then added that Will had "delicately explained that this was not true."

Will did not elaborate on his sexual experiences beyond the marriage. However, he admitted that he felt guilty about considering infidelity during the first phase of their relationship because of his Christian upbringing.

He shared his experiences with an intimacy coach, who helped him to process his thoughts about having "harem" of girlfriends, including Halle Berry and Misty Copeland, despite being married.

Will shared that although I don't know the exact location or what it was, I thought it was a great idea to travel with 20 women I loved and cared for. After we had played it out, I realized that that would be horrendous. It would be terrible.

He said that the coach was basically cleaning my mind and letting me be myself. It was fine to believe that Halle is fine. That I am married to Halle doesn't make me a bad person. In contrast, my Christian upbringing taught me that even my thoughts were sins.

This was the actual process [the coach] helped me with to realize that my thoughts weren't sinful and that even if I did act on an impure thought, it didn't make me a shite.

Will explained how Jada was raised in an unusual environment, which is different from his religious upbringing.

Jada didn't believe in traditional marriage. Will revealed that Jada was raised by family members who had an unconventional relationship. She grew up in a very different way than I did.

He said that there were many endless discussions about what constitutes relational perfection. What is the best way to interact with your partner? Monogamy was the best way to interact as a couple for the majority of our relationship. We didn't consider monogamy the only perfect relational option.

He said that we have shared trust and freedom with each other, believing that everyone has to make their own decisions. Marriage is not a prison to us. Our road is not for everyone. I believe the greatest definition of love is the shared experiences and mutual support.