Massachusetts Police Union Claims ‘Dozens’ Leaving Over Vaccine Mandate, But State Police Say Only One Has Quit

According to the union representing them, dozens of state troopers have resigned due to the upcoming mandate to Massachusetts State Police to submit negative Covid test results in order to continue working. However, state police claim that they only know of one trooper who is planning to leave as a result of the mandate.

Elizabeth Hafted, pharmacist displays a Covid-19 vaccine record card at Beth Israel Deaconess... [+] Medical Center, Boston, December 16, 2020. (Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images. Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Key Facts

According to the State Police Association of Massachusetts, troopers began quitting in masse last week after a judge denied the union's request to block the mandate. Troopers were given a deadline of October 17 to show proof of vaccination or they could be fired. Michael Cherven, the union president, criticized the mandate calling it one the "most stringent vaccination mandates in the nation" and claiming it will further thinne a police force already critically short of personnel. Forbes was told by Dave Procopio, a spokesperson for the state police. He said that only one trooper plans to leave over the mandate and that trooper is retiring. Procopio said that the state police were aware that troopers may be considering leaving or retiring, but that only one departure was confirmed by Procopio as of Tuesday morning.

Important Quote

Cherven stated, "Simply put, we are asking for the same basic accommodations as countless departments have made to their first responders and to treat any COVID-related illness as a duty injury."

Big Number

20% This is about the number of state police officers who are still unvaccinated according to the union, which represents approximately 1,800 members. WBZ-TV.

Important Background

Governor Charlie Baker (R), issued an executive order on august 19 that required all state police officers and executive staff to show proof of vaccination. This mandate seems to be one of the most strict in the country. It doesn't allow for negative testing and requires all employees to have proof of full vaccination by October 17. The mandate won't have much impact on most state employees, as the state has one the highest vaccination rates in America. According to the Mayo Clinic 67.8% Massachusetts residents have been fully vaccinated.


New York City's public schools were to introduce a vaccine mandate Monday. This mandate would have prohibited students from opting for negative testing rather than receiving a shot. The mandate was temporarily halted by the federal Appeals Court while a lawsuit is being reviewed.

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Court blocks New York City's Vaccine Mandate for School EmployeesFor now (Forbes).

The State Police Union claims that dozens of troopers are planning to resign because of the vaccine mandate. But a police spokesperson says that only one has been confirmed (Boston Globe).

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