Best social multiplayer games to play at home 2021

Parties are a great way to bring together friends old and new, have fun, and share a laugh. These games are a great distraction to the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic and can bring laughter to a difficult time. These are our top picks! If you want more Android gaming goodness, check out our list with the top Android games!
Among Us

It would be an understatement to say that Among Us is a fad. It's a fun, entertaining, and enjoyable multiplayer game that can support 5-10 players. However, not everyone is as they seem. You and your group are supposed to accomplish various tasks. But, who will be the one to do it? An impostor bent on murdering everyone. To create chaos and throw you off, he or she may use sabotage to do it. The chaos may mask the murders or create alibis for the impostor. VPN Deals: A lifetime license is $16 and monthly plans are $1 & More. Among Us can be a lot of fun, even though it may cause some friends to break up. Play online or locally, and you will have a lot of fun.

Among Us Among Us will be the 2020 multiplayer game. You are either a crewmate, or an impostor in space. To make it to the finish, you must deduce or trick. Google Play Store: Free with ads and IAPs


Are you really friends if you don't want your friends to be blown up? No. BombSquad is now available for download! BombSquad has a lot in common with Bomberman but offers chaos levels that are similar to Super Smash Bros. It is a great game to play online with up to 8 people or solo against AI enemies. There are many competitive and co-op modes available, including capture the flag, domination, capture of the flag, hockey keep away and kings of the hill. These matches will see you jump, punch, kick, and bomb your way to victory. You and your friends will have a great time with the silly physics, toylike appearance and orchestral music. BombSquad's accessibility, which includes touch screen controls and a range of controllers, is what makes it great for groups. BombSquad is an established game, but continues to be supported by developers and updated regularly. You and your friends can also enjoy it without ads or in-app purchase.

BombSquad BombSquad lets you and seven friends work together, or face off with each other head-to-head.

Chwazi Finger Chooser

Source: Google Play Store

While most of these games are multiplayer, you can still play them with your friends. However, Chwazi Finger Selector is a great app for traditional games. This app is designed to help groups quickly and randomly decide who will go first, or to help you divide into teams. The app is easy to use. Each player simply needs to load the app and choose the parameters. After everyone has logged in, Chwazi will take a moment to randomly choose one finger to go first. Or, he'll split everyone into color-coded groups.

Chwazi Finger Selector Need to select randomly who will go first? Pick groups? Chwazi randomly selects a person to play any game. Google Play Store: Free

Escape Team

Escape Team allows you to have fun solving puzzles in escape rooms with up to two people from the comfort of your own home. Download and print missions from Escape Team's website. Then, use the Android app to load the matching mission. You can then go about fixing up hacked elevators or defusing bombs. You can view your countdown clock, and hear audio clips that tell a fictional story about the missions. If your group is stuck on a puzzle, you can request hints from the app.

Escape Team: Print your mission and use Escape Team for puzzles and other tasks as you race against time! This game is compatible with 2-4 players. Get this game for free at Google Play Store.

Get your head up!

Charades, whether you love it or not, is a great party game for everyone. Attention! The popular mobile version Charades was created by Ellen DeGeneres. The format has been updated by having you hold your smartphone up to your forehead while your friends or family try to act out the clues. It's quite simple. If you enjoy Charades, Heads Up! You will enjoy it. You get eight decks free of charge and over 40 themed decks. Additional decks can be purchased in-app for $1.

Heads up! Heads up! is a mobile version of Charades. You hold your phone up to your forehead. You and your family will act out the word. Google Play Store: Free with IAPs

The Jackbox Party Pack

Jackbox Games has been creating outstanding social party games since 2013. They are intuitive to use and can be used on a variety of platforms. As any party game, it gets people talking and laughing. You can choose from trivia games or games based on pictionary, depending on which pack you have. These party games can be played on any TV or computer via Steam, Android TV devices, and most video game consoles (linked below). The best part is that up to eight players can connect using their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Jackbox Party Packs are available in seven different colors.

Jackbox Party Pack. The Jackbox Party Pack offers the ultimate multiplayer experience. The Party Pack will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. $25 on the Google Play Store

Keep talking and nobody will listen

First, I want to say that if you didn't see the video linked above, please do so. It's one of my favorite trailer songs and has stayed with me for days. Second, Keep Talking and nobody Explodes may be the perfect party game. It literally requires you and your friends to continue having conversations or die. Keep Talking and nobody Explodes is a bomb-defusing game that can be played with two or more players. One player gets the bomb, and the manual to defuse it. You have a very short time to save your friends and lives by not being able to see the instructions. There will be plenty of shenanigans in this explosive fun. It's procedurally generated bombs, making it a fresh experience each time. Like Jackbox games only one person must own Keep Talking or Nobody Explodes. The game is initiated by the owner, who provides a code that allows other players to join the fun via their phones. This is a simple and easy system that makes it ideal for party games on the go.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Portable bomb-defusing games for 2+ players. Keep Talking is guaranteed to keep you and your friends laughing for hours! $10 on Google Play Store

Source: Google Play Store. Out of the Loop is an easy game of deduction. The game is meant to be played with one phone and then passed around to a group of nine people. Pass the phone around to everyone so that everyone can read the secret word, except for the player who is "out of loop". The secret word is then revealed to the players who take turns asking silly questions. After the question round is finished, players vote for the player they believe is out of the loop based on their answers to the questions.

Out of the Loop: A social deduction game where one player is "out" and everyone else is taking note of the secret word. The word is then asked about by everyone else, who then votes for the person "out of the Loop". Google Play Store: Free with IAPs


Source: Google Play Store

Psych is similar in concept to Balderdash. It's a trivia game that involves bluffing. Each player comes up with a false answer to the question and then attempts to guess the true answer. Points are awarded for correctly answering the question or when someone else picks your answer. All players must have the app installed on their phones. You can purchase in-app items to unlock additional decks or categories, but the app offers enough variety for an entire evening of entertainment.

Psych! Psych! is described as "trivia meets Cards Against Humanity", and it's all about guessing, bluffing and logic. Points can be earned for selecting the right answer or having someone pick your answer. Google Play Store: Free with IAPs

Selfie Games

Selfie Games can be played on a Chromecast or Fire TV. The app can be downloaded on each player's phone to take a few funny selfies. These selfies can then be used as prompts for drawing. After everyone is done with their masterpieces of art, they create a fake caption for each sketch. The goal is to trick the other players into choosing your caption. If their caption is selected, players get points. To create games, the host will need $7. However, everyone can connect and play free of charge. Although this monetization model is disappointing, Selfie Games' fun factor makes up for it.

Selfie Games Selfie Games may seem odd, but it will challenge your drawing skills and convince you! You should ensure that everyone reads the captions. Google Play Store: Free with IAPs


Spaceteam is a cooperative board game for 2-8 people. Each player plays the role of a crew member aboard a spaceship that's in disarray and must escape an exploding star. Each player is assigned a random control panel to their phone. You all must work together to comply with time-sensitive instructions. You will need to communicate with your teammates (yelling works well) and listen for the relevant instructions on your control panel. This is a chaotic time and all players must download the game to their phones and connect to the same Wi-Fi network.

Spaceteam Come together to save your ship, and your life. As you team up, perform tasks given by other players and try to communicate with each other. Get IAPs for Free at Google Play Store

Get a Ticket to Ride

This award-winning, train-based board game has a fully-licensed Android app. This is a fun little game that you can play with four friends. It has pass-and-play so you can play on one device or on your local network if everyone else has the app. The setup and play time are quick and easy thanks to the digital card dealing and pieces. This makes it a fun game that's even more enjoyable to play. Ticket to Ride offers a great combination of construction and competition. In-app purchases give you access to a whole new set of maps and boards that are all totally worth it.

Ticket to Ride Another fun and competitive boardgame experience for your smartphone. You'll find plenty to enjoy with Ticket to Ride. $7 with IAPs on Google Play Store

Triple Agent

Triple Agent is a party game about deception and espionage. Each player secretly gets assigned a role either as a VIRUS double agent or Service agent. Only the VIRUS agents are able to see who is on each team. Service agents have two goals: to find and eliminate VIRUS agents and the VIRUS agent team up with them to turn Service agents against each other. You can play the entire game on one phone. The rules are explained during gameplay. The base game can support 5-7 players. There is an expansion that allows for more customization and operations, as well as support for up nine players.

Triple Agent! Triple Agent! The enemy will try to turn you against each other, so it's all about deception. Google Play Store: Free with IAPs


Undercover is a great local multiplayer game that's perfect for parties. The players are split into three groups: Civilians (undercover), and Mr. White. Each player gets a secret word and a name. The Civilians get the same word, while the Undercover receives a slightly different word. Mr. White gets. The players then take turns explaining their word. Mr. White can only improvise. Then everyone votes to eliminate the player whose description doesn't match. It's a lot of fun to play Undercover as you try and figure out who it is. This game is fun because of the social deduction. I enjoyed it immensely.

Undercover This is a common theme in undercover. However, subtle clues can help you determine who is the outsider. Google Play Store: Free with ads and IAPs

Who can't draw?

Ask your family and friends to show off their artistic talents and see who can't draw. The first person to get a word is asked to draw a picture. The phone is passed around, and each person attempts to copy the drawing within 15 seconds. This is essentially a sketching game that is similar to the old schoolyard telephone game. The last person must guess the original word once the phone has reached them. It is hilarious to see the way that interpretations change from one person to another.