Safari 15 Issues: YouTube Bookmarks Crash Browser, Some Websites Fail to Load on macOS Catalina

macOS Monterey will be released with Safari 15 later in the year. It includes key features like redesigned tabs and grouped tabs as well as automatic switching sites from HTTP to HTTPS. This improves security and speeds up performance. Apple released Safari 15 last week for macOS Big Sur, macOS Catalina and macOS Catalina.

We've detailed below some of the issues that Safari 15 has caused for customers.

YouTube Bookmarking Issue

Both macOS Big Sur beta and macOS Monterey beta have shown that bookmarking a YouTube page in Safari 15 causes the browser to crash.


MacOS Catalina Page Loading Issue

This issue was illustrated in a video by YouTube channel Krazy Wabbit. The video explains that users can temporarily fix the problem by creating a bookmarks folder to store YouTube videos. Users can then drag YouTube pages into this folder from the Safari sidebar.

Some users of macOS Catalina have reported that Safari 15 is not loading certain websites correctly. Users affected received an "a problem repeatedly occurring" error message.

I can see the annoyance in your Big Sur experience and present you with a real problem: Safari 15 on Catalina. Straight up crashes at such obscure websites as Target and Walmart. You need to order from them. Better use a different browser. Chip Awah (@thumbnumb) September 26, 2021

Users who were affected claimed that jаvascript can be disabled by clicking Safari in the macOS menubar > Preferences> Security. This will allow users to uncheck the Enable jаvascript box. However, this is not a good solution. Users can fix the problem permanently by installing Safari 15 using a package from Apple's servers.