Tom Brady previews return to New England ahead of Buccaneers-Patriots showdown

Bill Belichick, Patriots coach, chooses not to revisit Tom Brady's decision with the Buccaneers over with New England. (1:14).
TAMPA (Fla.) -- Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady said Monday that he will experience "different types of emotions" this weekend when he returns home to Gillette Stadium for the first time since leaving New England. He also acknowledged that New England was where he had "some of my greatest experiences in life."

On Sunday, Brady's Bucs will host the Patriots. He spent 20 seasons with them and won six Super Bowls. ET, NBC

Brady shared his knowledge with Jim Gray during their "Let’s Go!" segment. SiriusXM podcast. I know how it smells. I know how a night game feels, and I also know how the fans will sound. In some ways, it'll be very unique. It's the first time I've ever been on the other sideline.

"I don't intend to reminisce. This is not the right moment. There will be plenty of opportunities for me to reflect on my football career. None of it is something I care about right now. I won't be thinking about 20-years of history. I will be thinking about one Sunday night of football, the loss of a Sunday night football game.

On Sunday, the Bucs were defeated by the Los Angeles Rams 34-24. This was their first loss since Nov. 29, 2020. It snapped a 10-game winning streak.

The Patriots are currently coming off a 28-13 loss at home to the New Orleans Saints thanks to rookie QB Mac Jones.

Brady stated that he is okay with the fact that fans who have been supporting him for 20+ years will not be there this week. He anticipates that both teams will be "fighting and clinging for a victory" on Sunday.

Brady said that he didn't expect it -- a homecoming. He also stated that he will be accompanied by a few family members and friends -- who have been asking for tickets for six years. I mean, they are there to support their team and their Patriots team. They'll cheer for their team like I would expect them too. I think that if they know anything at all about me, they'll know that I'm out there trying to win the football game.

"One thing that I learned from the Patriots was, [Bill] Belichick would tell you, "Listen, if your love football is then 8:30 on Sunday at Gillette Stadium, then it's the place to go."

There has been much written about Belichick and Brady's relationship. Alex Guerrero (Bryan's long-time trainer) told the Boston Herald last week that Belichick didn't think Brady's treatment of Brady had changed over time and that the legendary coach still treated the star quarterback like he were 20 years old, rather than a 40-year old man.

Brady called Belichick, however, a "great mentor" during the podcast with Gray.

Brady spoke highly of Belichick, saying that he has been there for 20 years. He taught me some great lessons. He is a great coach and does an amazing job for his team. You know any player and they'd just like their coaches to give them everything. Every great coach wants their players to be the best they can be. That's what I believe makes a great coach-player relationship.

Brady also spoke out about his feelings regarding his father, Tom Brady Sr. telling NBC Sports Boston that he felt "vindicated", by his son's win last season with the Bucs and not Belichick.

Brady laughed and said, "I have actually prepared a statement that was important to me." "Comments made in this manner by Thomas Edward Brady (77-year-old CEO of an insurance company) don't necessarily reflect his views or positions. Tom Sr. should not speak for his son without his express written consent. Tom Jr. may put him in a house against his will. This is all I can say.