Golden State Warriors' Andrew Wiggins 'not uncomfortable' with attention of being unvaccinated

SAN FRANCISCO -- Golden State Warriors swingman Andrew Wiggins claimed that he has decided not to receive the COVID-19 vaccination at this time. This was despite a heated exchange with reporters Monday during team's media day.
Wiggins stated that it was her problem, referring to the possibility of losing earnings. "Not yours."

The main topic of discussion at news conferences with coaches and players was Wiggins' current position on the COVID-19 vaccination. The city is imposing restrictions that will make it more difficult for Wiggins to play in regular season games. However, the organization remains optimistic about Wiggins' ability to not miss any of the regular season games.

Last week, the San Francisco Department of Public Health stated that no exemption would apply to anyone aged 12 or older who attends large indoor gatherings.

It stated in a statement that "Unvaccinated persons cannot enter indoor areas regardless if they are not vaccinated" and could not test for this requirement, regardless of religious or medical exemptions. Wiggins requested a religious exemption in order to not take the shot. However, the NBA denied that request on Friday.

Wiggins stated that it was not uncomfortable despite all the attention that his decision has drawn. "I am confident in my beliefs, and I believe that what I believe is right is the same as what I believe is wrong. I will continue to believe what I believe. It doesn't matter what it is, I will continue doing it.

Bob Myers, general manager of the Warriors, remains positive that Wiggins will be available to play when the regular season begins Oct. 19 at Staples Center against Los Angeles Lakers.

Myers stated, "My belief and thoughts are that we will have the whole team." "I don't think I'm preparing for anything else right now. ... I don't think. The hypothetical stuff doesn’t serve me. I understand why you need to ask. I understand why people wonder. We're going to face reality right now, and that's exactly what we do each day. As I mentioned, I am confident that we will have a complete team.

Stephen Curry, Warriors' star guard, acknowledged that Wiggins' status was a difficult situation for the team.

Curry stated, "At the end the day it is up to them." Curry said that it was not a secret that he believes this. We hope he has the information and the resources to answer all of his questions about making a decision. We trust he is available. We are hopeful that it will move in the right direction. My opinion is that I have it and am available to follow the mandates.

"But that's just where it is. You know, the next few weeks and how it all turns out are going to be up to him. We hope he is available to us, and we will just go with it. It is difficult. It's difficult for everyone. We all have made difficult decisions and it is up to us to make the best decisions for our families and ourselves. This is the same regardless of whether you agree or disagree with him. It's up to you to let the story unfold."

Andre Iguodala, a Warriors teammate, defended Wiggins' position and expressed hope that the league will find a solution.

Iguodala stated that he was upset by the negative portrayal of Andrew Wiggins. We live in an age where perceptions can become realities. The perceptions about Wiggins are hurting his value, and eventually can impact the wealth he accumulates. This is completely unfair. If you do your research the right way, you will see that there are people who make excuses and people who actually have values. He is the type of guy that will stand by you and I would be willing to risk his life.

"Now, I am vaccinated. I understand this. He has a different understanding. But his understanding is something I respect and I value. I'm a strong supporter of him and we should find a solution.

Iguodala has been a leader within the NBPA and also rejected the idea that every player would need to get the vaccine to play.

Iguodala stated that he doesn't believe you can force men to do something. I believe you can give people choices, and that's the way we try to do it at the union. That's how we protect our players psychologically, emotionally and physically. You give men options. They just have to make a decision and then live with it. You take -- that's how you should take it.

While the Warriors wait for Wiggins' decision, he declined multiple opportunities to explain why he was so firm in his beliefs against vaccination. He said it was "none [of] the media's business"

Wiggins stated that "back is definitely against the wall." "But I will continue fighting for my beliefs, regardless of whether it's one or the other, get the vaccine or not, who knows? I just want to fight for what I believe and what is right. You know what? What is right for one person may not be right for the other.