Venom Let There Be Carnage Featurette Is All About the Odd Couple

It's not like the first film kept the plot subtle, but Venom: Let There Be Carnage hasn't stopped leaning into Tom Hardys dual roles as Eddie Brock, and the Venom Symbiote to the point that the two are described as a pair, odd or not.


Andy Serkis is the Let There Be Carnage director. A Sony featurette today specifically focuses on Venom's and Eddies relationship in this new movie. The footage doesn't show the same messy breakfast shenanigans as the trailers. Name-dropping the Seven Year Itch, they are the typical odd couple. They are being described as if they have been together for years, rather than the eating-criminals type of relationship. The director stated that it is the cycle of a relationship. Two characters are stuck together.

It's really sweet. Sony has just accepted that Eddie and the symbiote have more to them than their physical connection. Even if it is still used a lot more for laughs than the way some Venom fans prefer. Although we might only get the gags, and occasionally a wistful comparison with romantic couples, maybe Venom 3 will be ready to make this franchise a rom-com adventure like superhero movies, if they weren't so cowardly.

It's at the very least reassuring to know that Sony Pictures is listening to their fans. Venom: Let There Be Carnage opens in theaters September 30th. Stay tuned to io9 to see more from the cast and crew.

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