Apple Increases Price of Beats Flex Headphones From $50 to $70

Apple has increased the price of Beats Flex headphones to $69.99 from $49.99. This is likely to be due to supply chain constraints and chip shortages that have increased the cost of components such as the W1 chip.

The Beats Flex were first released in October 2013. They have been very popular ever since. The Beats Flex is a follow-up to BeatsX and features an in-ear design that has a wire connecting the left and right ears.

The Beats Flex cost $20 more, but they are still very affordable. They are available in Black, Flame Blue and Yuzu Yellow and provide the same seamless connectivity functionality as Apple's Beats products.

The Beats Flex can play/pause automatically and lasts up to 12 hours without the need to be charged. You can also get 1.5 hours of playback with the Fast Fuel option. They also have Find My integration.

Pedro Henrique, a Twitter user, noticed the pricing changes to Beats Flex and 9to5Mac highlighted it. Although the Beats Flex can still be purchased at Apple Store, Amazon currently has them for as low $37. So if you are considering purchasing them, make sure to do so on Amazon before they go up in price.