Joe Rogan: Trump will '100%' run for president again and win if pitted against Biden or Harris

Joe Rogan, host and commentator on The Joe Rogan Show, suggested that ex-President Donald Trump would not only run for President in 2024, but that he would win.
On his podcast, Rogan spoke with Amanda Knox about her murder conviction as an exchange student. He asked Rogan if he believed Trump would run for president in 2024.

Rogan stated, "He's probably going win," following Knox's comparison of Trump and Silvio Berlusconi, an ex-Italian Prime Minister.


"How is Joe Biden going win?" "How is it possible that he's going beat anyone?" Rogan was curious. Rogan asked. They did a horrible job. They made that man the president of the Democrats.

Knox stated that Biden is "not very inspirational", but she suggested that Democrats might let someone else run like Vice President Kamala Harris.

Rogan stated that she would lose the same way. Rogan stated that she is the vice president most disliked according to polls and the vice president least liked in 50 years.

Knox was told by the podcast host that Harris was exposed by Tulsi Gabbard (an ex-Rep. from Hawaii), in her 2020 presidential campaign.

Rogan was firm in his belief that Trump would win the rematch, referring back to the idea of Biden and Trump being matched again.

It's insane. It's absurd that this is the option. It's like choosing between Donald Trump and a man with serious health problems. He said. He said, "He's a man who has had multiple aneurysms and actually had brain surgery. He's 78 years old, and is suffering from some kind of very radical cognitive decline."

Rogan concluded his remarks by suggesting that Biden may not be the one running the government.

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He said that he was "in some way controlled" by Nancy Pelosi and other party members. He kept saying things such as, "They tell me to not answer questions" or, "They tell me to not." "Hello motherf***er! You're the president!"

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