Justin Fields said the NFL game was ‘slow’ in the preseason — the Cleveland Browns sacked him 9 times on Sunday

Justin Fields' mouth wrote a check his ass could not cash. On Sunday, the Bears rookie quarterback discovered that the NFL is filled with bank tellers.


Fields admitted that it was a bit slow for him, after his preseason match against the Dolphins. The Bears won 20-13. Fields was 14-of-20 for 228 yards and 1 touchdown, with a 106.7 passer rating. In that game, he also ran for 33 yards on five runs and scored a touchdown from the ground.

It was evident that Field's words were remembered by the Browns when they took to the field in Cleveland for Field's first ever career start. The rookie went 6-for-20 for 68 yards with a QBR of 6.0. He was sacked nine times more than he completed passes to his receivers ((6)).

Myles Garrett sacked Fields four times during the preseason. He compared it to his prep days.

It's amazing to see everyone get off the field and make big plays. It's like high school. Everyone is playing and everyone feels like they can make plays at any moment. He said this after setting a franchise record for sacks. It's like being the star.

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After being hit 15 times by Browns' defenders, Fields was not happy about this play.

He said that the way I feel now is not what I like. It's almost like you are in a dark room, and you will do whatever it takes to win. This is what I will do to ensure that this does not happen again.


Ironically, Fields words were not used as bulletin board material on Sunday. In fact, Andre Smith, a Bills linebacker, was fined $5806 for hitting Fields so hard in the Bears' second preseason game.


Fields stated last month that the narrative was completely wrong after his controversial comment. The narrative was that I am so good that the game is slow. I meant to say that I often go up against the first-team defense throughout the week. So me playing these preseason games against starters is going to slow down the game for me. I didn't want to sound cocky, or pretend that I have it all figured out. I know that I still have a lot to learn and there are many things I can improve on.

The Bears will play two games against the Lions, a team whose head coach has declared they will bite off their opponents' kneecaps as well as the reigning Super Bowl champions. There are nine other teams that have highly paid grown men and would love to see SportsCenter showing Fields how slow the NFL is.


One of the most important lessons any human being can learn, is when to shut down the f*ck. Justin Fields has done this hard.