Porto v Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp says Reds' defence is 'not a concern'

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Real Madrid knocked Liverpool out of 2020-21 Champions League in the quarter-finals

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager, says that their defense against Brentford was "not a concern" heading into the Champions League group match with Porto.

The Reds' draw of 3-3 on Saturday was their first three-goal loss in a match since April's European defeat by Real Madrid.

Klopp stated, "We didn’t defend at our highest levels so we must improve."

"We don’t make these things more important than they already are, but we have to react."

After going down 2-1, Liverpool rallied to win their Group B opener against AC Milan. They won 3-2.

After a strong start to the season, Klopp's team had only conceded one goal in five Premier League matches. This was against Chelsea.

"It's not a time to be worried, but we have talked about it and know that we cannot do things like this. Klopp added, "We have solved that problem and we will show that tomorrow."

"This is a hard group, and we shouldn't waste our time."

Harvey Elliott and Thiago Alcantara are both sidelined with long-term injuries. Klopp however reported no new injuries and stated that he will be taking his entire squad to Porto.

Liverpool defeated Portugal 6-1 in aggregate in the 2018-19 quarterfinals. Klopp however stated that this record was not an advantage.

Porto, which drew against Atletico Madrid in their Champions League group game, reached last season's quarter-finals, where they were eliminated by eventual champions Chelsea.