Berlin will reopen one of the most famous nightclubs in the world this week after months of closed down by the pandemic.
Berghain will reopen Friday, October 2, as more Berlin nightclubs reopen to those who have been fully vaccinated. As the German state government has recently dropped its mask mandate, the nightlife scene will reopen to the public.

Graffiti street art on the wall at Cassiopeia club, Friedrichshain. Berlin View Apart/Shutterstock

Outdoor areas of clubs were opened to those who had been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19. However, they were required to wear a mask. In August, Berlin's Senate Department for Culture and Europe began a trial to determine if PCR tests were sufficient to protect clubbers in order to reopen indoor club events. A local court decided in favor of the venue owner, who sued the government for violating COVID-19 rules.

According to Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, while the Berlin court stated that the pandemic rules were sensible and fair, it acknowledged they were "likely" to be unjustifiable for people who have been vaccinated recently or are currently recovering from an illness. Berlin Senate moved to allow clubs to reopen, but it decided that a negative COVID-19 testing would not suffice to pass the bouncers. People would need to prove their immunization.

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Introducing Berlin

After the ruling by the government, most clubs, including Salon zur wilden Renate and KitKat, opened their dancefloors to the public again on September 3.

Berghain stated that it was looking forward for Friday's reopening. It posted a message on its website saying: "let the bass kick! See you on the dancefloor!" On Friday, the opening night will feature sets by Marcel Dettman and Tama Sumo, as well as Lakuti, Lakuti, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettman and Tama Sumo.