Air Canada Aeroplan Selling Miles With 80% Bonus

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Aeroplan just announced its latest promotion on purchased mileage, which could be a great deal. This promotion follows the launch of the new Aeroplan program in late 2020. Aeroplan is one of the newest loyalty programs to be able to sell miles in a profitable way.

Aeroplan sells miles at 1.32 cents per mile

Air Canada Aeroplan offers a bonus on all purchased miles from Monday, October 11th, 2021 to Tuesday, October 11, 2021. As follows:

Get a 50% bonus when you buy 5,000-19,000 miles

Purchase 20,000-50,000 miles and receive a 60% bonus

Purchase 60,000-10,000 miles and receive a 70% bonus

Get a 80% bonus when you buy 110,000+ miles

These are the restrictions for buying Air Canada Aeroplan Miles:

Before any bonuses, you can purchase miles for $0.03 Canadian each

Transactions with US-based credit cards that have a billing address in the USA are exempt from sales tax

Pre-bonus: You can purchase up to 350,000 miles per transaction

Pre-bonus: There is a limit to how many miles you can purchase each year.

You could purchase 350,000 Aeroplan Miles with an 80% Bonus for $10,500 Canadian Dollars ($8,315 US), or $0.0132 USD per Mile.

This is a good price for Aeroplan miles purchased. Although it isn't the best deal we have seen, I believe that this offer will be the best for us anytime soon. This is especially true given the fact that global travel is improving, particularly for Canada.

Aeroplan offers a 80% bonus on miles sold by Aeroplan

Which credit card should be used to purchase Aeroplan miles? processes Air Canada Aeroplan Mileage Purchases. They are not considered airfare purchases for credit card purposes.

So I recommend that you use a card with a minimum spending requirement. If youre not able to meet this, you should consider a credit card that will maximize your return on your everyday spending. For more information on the best credit cards to buy points, see this post.

Are Aeroplan miles worth the investment?

The new Aeroplan program was launched in 2020 and is completely different from the one that existed before.

The award pricing is a combination zone- and distance-based

No fuel surcharges are added for any partner.

For an additional 5,000 miles, you can make a stopover while on a one way award

Although award costs have increased in many cases, I think the new program is great. I particularly like the possibility to redeem just 5,000 miles for a stopover.

With this in mind, do I recommend purchasing miles?

Although I am not a fan of speculatively purchasing miles, the 1.32 cents per Aeroplan Mile is a great deal

Air Canada Aeroplan is a transfer partner with Amex Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards. There's even a 20% bonus for transferring Amex points into Aeroplan through September 30, 2021

Aeroplan offers Points + cash, which allows you to pay cash up to 40% for your ticket. This is basically a way to save miles for as little as 1.4 cents each.

Fly on Turkish Airlines with Aeroplan miles

Bottom line

Air Canada's latest promotion for purchased miles has been launched. Aeroplan miles can be purchased for as little as 1.32 cents each. This is a chance to earn an up to 80% bonus. This could be a fantastic deal.

Are you planning to purchase Aeroplan miles through this promotion?