After requesting offseason trade, Philadelphia 76ers All-Star Ben Simmons won't be at training camp

Stephen A. Smith walks through the teams that are interested in Ben Simmons, should he leave the 76ers. (2:00)
As was expected, Ben Simmons won't report to the Philadelphia 76ers for training camp that opens Tuesday.

Daryl Morey, team president, said that there is still hope Simmons will make a comeback to the Sixers. Coach Doc Rivers stated that no one has been more supportive of Simmons than he has, and that he will be entering camp with the hope that "we do have Ben at any point."

Simmons, the No. Simmons, the No. 1 draft pick and a three-time All-Star, asked for a trade in offseason.

He was the one who bore the brunt for the Sixers' second round exit from the playoffs last season, as the top-seeded Sixers. In the postseason, he shot 34% from free throw line and was reluctant to try a shot from any position on the floor after games. He was forced to spend critical minutes on the bench because of this.

Simmons still has four years and $147 million left on his contract. Simmons could face suspension or a fine for every day that he misses camp.