NYC police seize illegal vans touted on Airbnb as cheap places to ‘glamp’

That's how you curb crime!
Authorities said that seven vans with illegal documentation were seized by cops this week. They had been used as Airbnb ABNB rentals for at least two years.

The vans are described as an affordable way for tourists to see the Big Apple's streets. They can be slept on for less than $100 per night, according to a series of posts on the app.

You can camp in a spacious camper van in NYC!

An observant traffic enforcement agent saw something suspicious about five vehicles parked in East Village. Some of the NJ plates and registrations had been expired for a while, others as far back 2000, sources claimed.

Sheriff Joseph Fucito of the NYPD Document Fraud Unit told The Post that a joint investigation revealed an operation involving allegedly fraudulent and illegally registered vehicles. These vehicles were being used for Airbnb rentals on different streets in Manhattan.

Authorities said that the Sheriff confiscated the vehicles on Thursday and Friday.

Uptin Saidi spent the night in this NYC street-camper van Airbnb, and recorded it on his YouTube channel. The sheriff's office has since taken the vans. Uptin/YouTube

Operation Room Service confiscated seven vans because of various alleged offenses that prohibited them from operating or parking on public streets. NY Sheriff's Office

A law enforcement source said that vehicles could be taken off the streets if they had expired or mismatched registrations.

Red 1999 Ford Econline van seized on East 2nd Street. Uptin Saidi, a California-based journalist/video maker, was offered a room with a view, four wheels, and an exhaust pipe.

Saiidi made a YouTube video of his Aug. 4-stay. He said that he was initially lured by the ad which offered the #VanLife experience for only $97.

According to the Department of Transportation, it is legal to sleep in a van overnight. YouTube/Uptin

He stated that a key that could not start the engine had been left for him in the lockbox at the rear of the van.

He quickly noticed a red alert: There was a parking ticket when I arrived. It was posted on Tuesday and was street cleaning. He noted that I had stayed there on Wednesday.

The vans were described as an affordable way for tourists to see the Big Apple's streets in a series of posts on Airbnb. Airbnb

He also expressed concern about finding accommodations for himself to relieve himself. The ad advised that lockers, showers and restrooms could be found at the nearby public pool.

Worst was the fear of not knowing where to go when you have to. He said that he went in the van at 10 p.m., and then woke up at 7:01 a.m. to find relief at an Equinox nearby.

He continued to say that sleeping was another problem.

It was amazing how bad I slept, because people walk right next to me. People are literally walking around and talking, and cars try to parallel park right next to you all night, Saidi said, describing his awful stay in the van.

Airbnb directed the Post to the settlement agreement with New York Citys Office of Special Enforcement, which requires it to share unit and renter information with the city. According to sources, authorities did not mention the company.

A verified checkmark is placed next to a photo of Nancy's account. This has attracted a lot of positive feedback from users who are raving about Superfun! The van is perfect for couples who are looking for adventure, or just plain kvelling about how great it was!

Nancy wrote in her profile on the app: Love to travel and see the world. I love tiny, unique homes. I am excited to share my van-living experience with other travelers. I've lived in NYC my entire life and can tell you where to eat, see, and go.

Authorities would not comment on Nancy's ownership of any or all the vans.

According to the city's Department of Transportation, sleeping overnight in a van for up to 24 hours is allowed provided it is not parked in the exact same spot in restricted areas.

The agency's rules state that no one may park their vehicle in an area where parking is not restricted. According to the NYPD, fines start at $115.

The Sheriff's office declined to comment beyond stating that the investigation is ongoing. has a version of the report.