Kelly Price Breaks Silence on 'Disappearance,' Says COVID Nearly Killed Her

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Kelly Price finally addresses her family's disappearance and shares a remarkable story about her COVID hospitalization... telling us that she was once medically dead.

Price claims she wasn't actually missing, even though some family members claimed she disappeared without a trace. Kelly claims she was in isolation after recovering from COVID and she was trying to avoid her family who, she says, she doesn't stay in touch with often.

Price was very serious in her battle with COVID. She claims she even fell apart at one point and was brought back to life by staff and doctors. She told us that she was literally on the brink of death, but miraculously bounced back.

However, that doesn't mean she's completely out of the woods. Kelly is still on oxygen. Kelly had some difficulties speaking with us at times, but she wanted to tell her story. Monica Ewing, Kelly's lawyer, refused to tell us if Kelly had been vaccinated.

Video content available 7/29/21 @mskellyprice/Insta

Kelly addresses the question of Kelly's family's distance and Kelly's whereabouts. It sounds like Kelly and her sister are involved in some BTS drama, and maybe others.

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Ewing also talked to us about the steps needed to get Kelly off Georgia's list of missing persons. This is what triggered this frenzy.

It sounds like Kelly has a lot of hoops to go through. But everyone can be assured that Kelly is still alive and working towards her recovery.